Memorial weekendΒ 

was a pretty awesome one this year. 

But first a big shout out and a huge thank you to our men and women who have and are fighting & serving our country because without you these things wouldn’t be possibleπŸ˜˜πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’ͺ🏻 

Riley Green put on another awesome #back40bash Saturday evening out here in PV. We didn’t really have plans of going this year because our regular sitter (my mom) was in Guntersville camping with our oldest babe. But at last minute we decided to have my dad come over so we could just go grab a bite to eat, which turned into no one being available to go with us because all of our buddies were dancing in their cowboy boots at the back 40. So we just decided to grab a quick bite instead and go on down to the field and join them. We only stayed for about an hour but it was a packed out hour. Short, sweet, and a lot of fun. 

🎢 Bury me in Dixie 🎢


We spent Sunday in Atlanta at the Braves game ⚾️ and had some pretty killer seats in the shade, one row from the field, behind third base. Enjoyed a few cold drinks and a pizza cheese burger πŸ•πŸ”πŸ• a cheeseburger that has slices of pizza as its buns and you best believe this big girl was all over it. The final score Braves 3 Marlins 7. It’s all good until somebody blows out a flip flop πŸ˜‚ Cliff’s shoe broke so he spent the rest of the game hobbling on one foot and singing Jimmy Buffett. Chris Stapleton put on a post game concert in the outfield, so good. I can’t wait to make the trip back and have Logan with us. 

We finally had all of our kids back and just had a pretty chill Memorial Day hanging out at the river. Grilling and eating until moving was no longer an option. The kids always have so much fun when we’re there playing together. After fishing and swimming for a little bit we ended the day with the boat & tube. 

black swim top β€’ blue bottoms πŸ‘™

The day following a weekend is always a little depressing at our house. We mostly just sit dreading all of the things we really need to get up and do. Like a pile of laundry that is overtaking the bathroom or that ridiculous grocery shopping trip with three kids πŸ˜–

Atlanta Braves game day look βšΎοΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Braves tee I cut the sleeves out of mine, to get the arm holes larger start your cut a few inches below the underarm seam. I paired that tee with this nude lace braletteLogo hat (I usually buy youth size or adjustable ball caps so Logan and I can share) RayBansBirkenstocks & distressed denim


Schools outΒ 

for the summer 😳 This could be great for me or this could just be adding fuel to the fire. Logan is seven so he is fully capable of being a big helper. But Logan is also Logan, and most days Logan thinks making his middle brother scream is just hilarious. However, when he was out of school for spring break he was pretty much my rock. He’d hold the baby, give him a bottle, keep him calm in the car, and was actually really good with Layton. I mean I was actually bummed to see him get back on the school bus. Hopefully having 3 kids at home for 3 months will be like that, doubt itΒ πŸ™ˆ.

We’re kicking this summer off with Memorial weekend and lettingΒ Logan go on a camping trip with his grands. Then our next few weeks will be consumed by the major leagues, I mean, 7-8 year old All Stars baseball.

We have some big items on our Summer toβ€’do list this year. A few trips down to the gulf, take Logan to a MLB game, go to a waterpark, and biggest of all get our backyard and pool in. Oh, and host a pig roast 🐷

High hopes to potty train Layton sometime this Summer and we will get to hit a few milestones with Landry like first tooth, sitting up, etc. So here’s to a Summer filled with chaos and kiddos 🍻 but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

This weekend

was busy. We started it off Friday by missing Cliff’s 10 year class reunion, duh. (It’s always safe to assume we won’t get anywhere we’re suppose to on time or at all πŸ™„) Most Saturday mornings Cliff fishes tournaments and some require him attending a Friday evening meeting. Well that was the same time but 45 minutes away from the reunion and when it was finally over we figured it was pointless to even attempt the trip. Instead we had pizza, beer, and a good time with friends.

black distressed skinnys β€’Β black heelsΒ β€’ similarΒ white tankΒ β€’

We spent our Saturday morning at a baseball party, the afternoon at the boat ramp, and the evening at some friends house cooking out.

Sunday was a little more laid back. Curch, good food, and a wedding. The wedding was beautiful, the bride was stunning, and her bridesmaids were gorgeous. Our kids? Well, they were their typical selves. Logan didn’t want to go but behaved while we were there, Layton made car noises while he played with his hotwheel, and the baby was mad because he was not at home in his crib. So I tried to walk to the back since he wouldn’t stop crying, Laytons heart broke because mommy left, Logan rolled his eyes, and Cliff almost died of embarrassment.

I have accepted we have three kids, there is no reason to let these things bother you or embarrass you. Just breathe and do the best you can and when all else fails just laugh and wave at all the spectators πŸ™ƒ

Today, emails are needing to be sent, errands need to be ran, my washing machine is working extra hard to get a weeks worth of clothes cleaned in one load so we can have clean undies tomorrow, and I’m ignoring it all while I try to drink my cold cup of coffee.

Hi there



so happy you are here. I’m Kasey, I’m the mom behind the blue door. I am part of a small town in Alabama where I plan to spend the rest of my life with my husband, Cliff. We have a few wild little boys that run around our home. The oldest is Logan, he’s seven. Our middle is Layton, he is almost two and our baby is Landry, he’s four months. We are pretty much your typical southern household.

I am a diy junkie, we are huge SEC fans, ROLLTIDE. I am obsessed with my family and I love my God, that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. I am a real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty #kw4kw but since the birth of our third little I have started working from my home office 🏑 So the majority of this blog’s content will be of my tribe, like probably 98% will be of my kids, their messes, and me cleaning up after them. That, with a couple of diy posts thrown in here & there because I always have some sort of project going on.

And now to better acquaint you with my heart πŸ’™



I am super excited about starting this blog and sharing our journey with all of you. Stick around I’m sure there will be plenty of laughs, melt downs, crazy cute pics, diy projects, seasonal home tours, recipes, and a lot of the in between but be aware I am horrible with grammer and I tend to ramble. Oh, and I overuse my emojis 😁

P.S. I will never have those blogger pics πŸ˜” My house is never that clean, I don’t use that many dishes when serving our dinner, my kids are boys so babyGap is as fancy as we get, and those extra 20 minutes is when my toddler is trying to carry his baby outside.