Schools out 

for the summer 😳 This could be great for me or this could just be adding fuel to the fire. Logan is seven so he is fully capable of being a big helper. But Logan is also Logan, and most days Logan thinks making his middle brother scream is just hilarious. However, when he was out of school for spring break he was pretty much my rock. He’d hold the baby, give him a bottle, keep him calm in the car, and was actually really good with Layton. I mean I was actually bummed to see him get back on the school bus. Hopefully having 3 kids at home for 3 months will be like that, doubt it 🙈.

We’re kicking this summer off with Memorial weekend and letting Logan go on a camping trip with his grands. Then our next few weeks will be consumed by the major leagues, I mean, 7-8 year old All Stars baseball.

We have some big items on our Summer to•do list this year. A few trips down to the gulf, take Logan to a MLB game, go to a waterpark, and biggest of all get our backyard and pool in. Oh, and host a pig roast 🐷

High hopes to potty train Layton sometime this Summer and we will get to hit a few milestones with Landry like first tooth, sitting up, etc. So here’s to a Summer filled with chaos and kiddos 🍻 but I wouldn’t change it for the world.


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