Memorial weekend 

was a pretty awesome one this year. 

But first a big shout out and a huge thank you to our men and women who have and are fighting & serving our country because without you these things wouldn’t be possible😘🇺🇸💪🏻 

Riley Green put on another awesome #back40bash Saturday evening out here in PV. We didn’t really have plans of going this year because our regular sitter (my mom) was in Guntersville camping with our oldest babe. But at last minute we decided to have my dad come over so we could just go grab a bite to eat, which turned into no one being available to go with us because all of our buddies were dancing in their cowboy boots at the back 40. So we just decided to grab a quick bite instead and go on down to the field and join them. We only stayed for about an hour but it was a packed out hour. Short, sweet, and a lot of fun. 

🎶 Bury me in Dixie 🎶


We spent Sunday in Atlanta at the Braves game ⚾️ and had some pretty killer seats in the shade, one row from the field, behind third base. Enjoyed a few cold drinks and a pizza cheese burger 🍕🍔🍕 a cheeseburger that has slices of pizza as its buns and you best believe this big girl was all over it. The final score Braves 3 Marlins 7. It’s all good until somebody blows out a flip flop 😂 Cliff’s shoe broke so he spent the rest of the game hobbling on one foot and singing Jimmy Buffett. Chris Stapleton put on a post game concert in the outfield, so good. I can’t wait to make the trip back and have Logan with us. 

We finally had all of our kids back and just had a pretty chill Memorial Day hanging out at the river. Grilling and eating until moving was no longer an option. The kids always have so much fun when we’re there playing together. After fishing and swimming for a little bit we ended the day with the boat & tube. 

black swim top • blue bottoms 👙

The day following a weekend is always a little depressing at our house. We mostly just sit dreading all of the things we really need to get up and do. Like a pile of laundry that is overtaking the bathroom or that ridiculous grocery shopping trip with three kids 😖

Atlanta Braves game day look ⚾️🇺🇸 Braves tee I cut the sleeves out of mine, to get the arm holes larger start your cut a few inches below the underarm seam. I paired that tee with this nude lace braletteLogo hat (I usually buy youth size or adjustable ball caps so Logan and I can share) RayBansBirkenstocks & distressed denim


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