Mom and Dad only

Because my mom is the bomb and stayed at our house with all three of the babes Cliff and I finally got to get away for a night. He was going down Friday for a quick deep sea fishing trip so I decided I’d meet him there that Sunday morning before they left headed home. After only 3 hours of sleep, a baby bottle, and Layton waking up, I was pretty much awake, so at 2:45am I left and was able to get Cliff at 8:00am. Sunday was a much enjoyed do nothing day laying on the beach and only moving when we were walking to Pineapple Willys🍍🌊 We had huge plans of all these things we would do that night since it was just us but instead we sat in each other’s arms, taking in the ocean from our balcony 💙 I slept for a solid ten hours that night and let me just say, ahhmazing then Monday was spent in the water playing with goggles 🤓 finding baby sand dollars and little hermit crabs 🦀.

The original plan was to stay on the beach and come in just in time for dinner, get another good sleep and drive home Tuesday morning but Cliff had a job come up that needed to get done so we decided to come home Monday evening instead. I wasn’t too bummed about leaving a few hours early because even though we were having a great time, Mama bear missed her cubs 🐻 Before heading home we had a late lunch at Sharky’s, fish tacos👌🏻 and walked around pier park for a little bit. I was finally able to snatch a shark week Lokai bracelet, after being looked at many times like I was crazy for even asking if they still had any, one shop had just a few left. I’m usually not a fan of crocs but Cliff likes their leather flip flops and since they were bogo 50% off I did get these. They are super cute on and hella comfortable 💕 (bailey don’t laugh at me)

A quick 5 hours later we made it home to three sleeping kiddos. Around 3:30am Layton wakes up needing cuddles, while I’m in there Logan wakes up “Hey mom” with the biggest smile and best hug then goes straight back to sleep ☺️ Now we’re all on the couch with coffee and milk watching the Lion Guard



    There really isn’t anything better than being on a boat on a hot summer day, having a good time and laughing with friends. We have became great friends with the parents of Logan’s best buds so we get together a good bit over the weekends. These boys are fearless, loud, funny, and possibly the cutest kids around. We took them to “the Rock” out in the river to let them jump. No surprise, they loved it. The other two had been there before but this was Logan’s first time. He said he wasn’t scared but he was a little nervous when he looked off. We were the only ones for a little while until a little family came to join us. The dad climbed up and of course our kids are yelling at him “do a gainer!!” then he did, just that, a gainer, off of the freaking rock 😳 my heart stopped because I just knew our kids were fixing to get even more brave and try something stupid like that but thankfully they did not 🙌🏻 One of the many great things about being a mom is getting to watch your baby grow, play, and make friends. These three dudes make quite the little trio and I couldn’t be more proud of their friendship. 

    Layton also accompioned us on the boat ride while little bro hung back at Nonna’s house snoozing. He loves to watch these boys. When they’re around he wants to play with big boys. He just watched them jump and jump and jump until finally he wanted to jump in water, jump rock!! 

    ” There are good ships, there are wood ships, and ships that sail the seas. But the best ships are friendships and may they always be.

    Father’s Day 2016

    This was Cliff’s 8th Father’s Day with Logan, 2nd with Layton, and first with Landry. The boys got their daddy a YETI Hopper to celebrate him and it is easily going to be our favorite. Perfect for outings that require a cold beverage 😉 we got up super early Sunday morning, like had to be at breakfast at 7:30 early, and met my dad, Cliff’s dad, and Cliff’s pawpaw, along with our siblings for a Father’s Day breakfast. Of course no trip is complete without someone pooping in their pants #momlife When we got home Logan wrote his dad the cutest card on a thank you note from my office. He realized it was Father’s Day so he went in there and found the best thing he could to make dad a handmade card. I would have loved to have gotten a picture of it but… Layton tried to eat it. 

     ” happy fathrs day cliff. Can I please go practis with you? Love Logan” 

    I mean how cute can he get ☺️ he is asking his dad if he can go fishing with him when he is practicing for his next tournament. 

    We spent the rest of the day on the river fishing, swimming, and boatin’.

    While we were there Layton finally noticed himself peeing.  I let him take his diaper off and play in the little kiddy pool while we were cooking, he stood up and peed in the grass. He thought it was the best thing ever 😂 but got frustrated when it wouldn’t keep peeing. He picked, poked, and pulled at his weenie trying his best to make something else come out of it.


    Put me in coach 

    So last night was our last baseball game until next spring and this mama is having all kinds of emotions about it. I have been ready to see our season end, or at least I thought so. We ended the regular season about a month back and have since been doing All-Stars everyday but Sunday. Practicing everyday up to our tournament this past week which has been a game every night for six nights and not getting home until 10:00pm or later. I was pretty sure I was done. But now it’s bittersweet 😟  Watching Logan play ball is one of the best parts about being his mom. I mean, have you seen that kid in his uniform 😍⚾️  Last night they played with all of their hearts and came out on top. 

    Thursday started off pretty much as the most chaotic morning I have had as a mom of three. Layton woke me up with his diaper in one hand and shorts in the other, so proud to tell me “I potty I potty!!” in his bedroom floor. And it just dominoed from there. I was trying my best to get ready for real estate closings I had that afternoon, the baby wasn’t in the mood for a nap, everything I had been doing for the past three days to help Layton poop finally kicked in 🙈 and Logan was milking his bee sting. We did end up having to see the doctor for steroids because we had our last game approaching and Logan had already voiced that he was going to play

    Finally 6:30pm came and it was time to remember his uniform and hope I had pressed start for the dryer. I did 🙌🏻  He couldn’t get his cleat on that foot so we had to borrow a shoe from a kid with a bigger foot but we managed and he took the field. They were playing a good team that had already beat them pretty good a few days before. Both teams were on fire and battling for that W. We score our 7 run limit at our last bat of the game and just need to make 3 quick outs to win. The other team make some huge hits to make the score 20-18 and we had yet to make an out. The parents are sitting in the bleachers in knots because we know how bad our kids wanted this and had already thought crap it’s over. We make an out but they also score, it’s now 19-20. We make a second out but they also score again. We are tied 20-20, their bases are loaded, we just need one more out, any bag just make the out. The ball is hit, their kid is running home and we have an easy toss to third to make the out and go into an extra inning. Instead we make a harder throw home and make it. Our hind catcher caught it and made the out, yes we are going crazy at this point and our boys think they have just won the World Series. 20-20 extra inning here we come. 

    We score six runs and take the field. Their first batter makes a home run. The next few come up making big hits again. We make two outs and the score is now 26-25. They have boys on bases, one good hit from their side could win the game but they have a strike out. Our boys run off the field throwing hats and gloves and us mamas are trying to hold back big proud tears. Definitely the best game we have been a part of all season. 

    And no I don’t have a voice today 😝

    Our kids today

    are 7 years old, 20 months, and 4 months. This post is about each one and what they love most today. This is where I wish I had a blog started with Logan’s pregnancy, so I could keep a log of our milestones and favorites. But I didn’t, so no better time than now to jot these things down. We will start with the youngest and work our way up.

    Landry Reid four months. Taking 4 sometimes 6 ounces per feeding, no strict schedule just pretty much whenever he’s hungry. Regular bedtime is anywhere between 730-9pm depending on what we have been doing that evening and if he had a later nap. I usually try to get him a nap while I cook dinner and eat and it’ll work out most of the time that he wakes as I’m cleaning up. He usually wakes up around 230 for a bottle and then around 8am. Some nights he’ll throw in an extra wake up just to keep me on my A game. Naps pretty good all throughout the day. He can roll over. No teeth yet but we are starting to teeth. His swing and cartoons keep him pretty occupied. His world lights up when me or his daddy smile and talk to him. This one is definitely my momma’s boy. He doesn’t last too long away from me before he gets fussy. He’s our little homebody as well. He will not sleep anywhere other than his cradle so after we have been away from home for a few hours he’s pretty much pissed until we make it back. He is by far our chunkiest little. He has the best lips and the sweetest cheeks. We started out with blue eyes but they are slowly changing to what I believe will be green, like his daddy’s. He is starting to giggle, can bring things to his mouth and can sometimes give himself a bottle. (16 lbs) 

    Layton Thomas twenty months. T H I S kid 😂 has the absolute best personality. He is the happiest little ball of joy and energy. He wakes up every morning with the happiest “momma” as he is running down the hall. He is usually up before anyone else so we sit and he shares my foffee. Literally, the first thing he does when we walk into the kitchen is open his drawer, get a straw, and go wait on the couch. His favorite tv show is Mickey. However, he knows each Disney jr show by name and character. He loves Logan and trying to stay right with him. 💙 He always runs to lay by the baby when I sit him down, kisses him any chance he gets, and is the first to grab a bottle or paci when he cries. Layton is pretty attached to his paci also, I’m close to taking it away but he’s just too cute with it ☺️ He is now only taking 1 nap a day. He is hell on wheels, climbs up everything, and loves to go “bye bye,” he could stay in town on the go all day. Like every kid he loves the outside. Every type of food is called a cookie so wether he wants mac & cheese or a hamburger, it’s called a cookie. He drinks a couple cups of milk each day and his favorite juice is V8 berry blend. He loves putting on SOCKS & SHOES. He also has an unbelievable vocabulary to be a year and half. We have been introducing him to the potty, so hopefully he will be trained soon 😁 (28lbs)

    .:. Foffee•coffee Moose•move NoNan•Logan Tea•all drinks Deedaa•Pizza Cookie•all food Sassy•paci Boot•Boat .:.

    Logan Wade is somehow seven years old 😔 it was like over night he went from being this noisy, aggravating, little boy to a cool, helpful, awesome kid. He has the prettiest tan skin, perfect hair, and the longest lashes. Yall, this kid is beautiful. He really is such a good big brother. Layton adores him and they have been the best buds since school has been out. He’s doing an awesome job helping me out with things at home, eapecially keeping the bushes and flowers watered. His behavior has matured so much in just the past months. Of course he is still a wide open, loud, energetic boy, but is doing a much better job of actually doing what he is told when he is told 🙌🏻 He is loving baseball, climbing trees, and fishing most right now. My favorite part about him is even though he’s a big kid he still loves to love on his mama. He stays awake waiting for me to get both of the babes to sleep so he can catch me before I get in bed and ask “Mom will you lay with me?” ☺️ (52pounds)

    Let them be little 

    because one day soon they won’t be.

    Why is it that we get so upset over so many things? For whatever reason the rest of the world, you know the experts… that probably don’t have kids, make us believe that our kids should always be the most well behaved, well mannered, calm, little people. That things should go smoothly at all times. Things should just be picture perfect. I have learned that as a mama I was expecting entirely too much from my kiddos. I would get so upset when things didn’t go as planned. I could feel my face getting warm when my kids didn’t do things exactly the way I thought they should.

    Then finally I loosened up and reminded myself he’s a child. If it really wasn’t that big of a deal, I’d just let it go, not say anything, and let him enjoy getting dirt on his school shoes. They are shoes, I can wash them. If they don’t come clean who cares? He doesn’t. He’s seven and thinks they are so cool and make him run fast, that’s why he wants to wear them outside on Saturday when his buddies are over. So his sheets aren’t pulled tight and his pillow placed perfectly in the center of his bed, he tried, besides he’s just going to sleep in it again tonight. He accidentally spilt his drink. Ok so, wipe it up and remember he did not mean too. How many times a day do we mess something up? My little ones don’t fall asleep right when I lay them down for a nap. Hey Mama guess what, they may not be sleepy yet and your wasting 45 minutes by fighting them. Let them keep playing until they are sleepy. They’ll nap then. And be so thankful your baby wakes up from his nap, even if it is early. We take so much for granted and forget to enjoy the simple things.As Mamas we should always try our best to be patient and kind and slow to react because they love us the most.

    I’ll admit it. I am hard on Logan. Sometimes I’ll realize that I’m expecting him to act like a grown man. He’s a kid!!! He wants to run, he wants to play, he wants to make annoying noises. Isn’t that what they are really suppose to do though? We miss so many opportunities to enjoy our kids because they are getting to rowdy. Open the door and go outside. They can’t break a picture frame out there. A little fresh air is nice for us mamas if we’ll let it be. I’m grocery shopping with Logan and Layton. They are too loud. Says who? The grumpy lady that would also complain that her pillow is too soft? They aren’t screaming, crying, or fighting, they are making fart noises and laughing so hard snot comes out of Layton’s nose. My point here mama is don’t let things bother you just because other people think it should. Now that I have three of these little people it’s pretty much a circus at all times. I’ve accepted it and you know what, I enjoy it. I laugh with them. I don’t get embarrassed anymore. Find joy in their energy and their goofiness. Society makes us feel like ONLY the bad is a reflection on our parenting. Well I have news for ya💃🏻 my babies laughter and smile is a reflection on my parenting as well. My kid’s love for one another is a reflection on my parenting. My sweet Logan putting his hand on his best friends helmet after he struck out and saying “it’s ok buddy” that is a reflection on my parenting. Our kids are happier when we are happier and always stressing out isn’t happy. Always saying no, stop, don’t, isn’t happy.

    Mama you are awesome, don’t let spectators make you feel differently. One day you’ll learn to not even notice they are there. Because one day you will be so busy making fart noises with those wild kids that you also forget there is another world out there. Our kids live in our world. Make it a fun world, because one day they’ll be a part of the other world…and that world sucks.


    Ok so this is a fun little post for me. I am a girl. I enjoy shopping. I love clothes. I have a shoe addiction. etc. etc. Being a mom of three little boys I rarely get to wear real clothes. So building an outfit and getting to actually wear it kinda makes me feel normal. I remember when I was younger I would take pictures of my clothes with my digital camera and upload them onto my desktop 😂 I enjoyed having a folder of them. Stems from the OCD I have for organization (that I have been forced to tone down since having so many kids) Even now as a ‘grown up’ I have a board on Pinterest in my closet where I have pinned each item in my closet. It’s such a fun way to keep up with what I have and helps me to not forget about something Iv bought. I literally have my wardrobe at my fingertips. I use it when I’m trying to plan what I’ll wear here or there and have used it while shopping to see if the skirt I want will work with the shirt I have in mind that’s hanging in my closet. The actual board itself is a secret board though, because I’m a dork and didn’t want people to know I did that 😂 but it really is fun.  

    I have a pretty laid back style, tees, tanks, cuffed sleeves, and distressed denim. When needed, I’ll throw in a cool pair of heels to dress it up. 

    When you’re hanging outside after the sun goes down 🌚🍻These shorts are Hollister that I snagged off of a markdown rack at tj maxx 👊🏻 these are similar. A comfy & thin sweatshirt perfect for summer nights outside. If you’re like me you get a little cool once the sun goes down. I usually carry something like this or a flannel with me if we’re going to be outside at night and here are my favorite pair of sandals. 

    That perfect cool look
    😎That one time I bought something not on sale 😏 but so worth it. These midnight blue moto jeggings are hands down one of the coolest pieces in my closet. Paired with any relaxed grey (or white) tank with a side knot, similar here, leather wedges and a dainty gold necklace. For this look I went with my gold evil eye because of the navy. There are tons of similar necklaces and you can spend as little or as much. I found mine marked down at tj maxx. 

    Mama running errands go•to look
    🚗This is one of my weekly go to looks. When my kids are with me and we are out in town running errands. Such an easy, cool, and lightweight dress. Usually paired with my birks or also so cute with some Chuck Taylors. Covering up that ‘Iv got three kids hair’ with my favorite ball cap and for my littlest, a teething necklace 👶🏻 I purchased this one through BayBee Boutique and he loves it. 

    Easy, cute & casual 👟I pretty much have every style Old Navy tee in white, grey, and black. This one is the relaxed crew neck style. They do regular sales where you can snag tees for $4-$6 bucks and any day is a good day for Converse. Add a pair of light wash distressed denim shorts 👌🏻

    Getting dressed is a way we moms can add personality to our everyday. It’s something that can help us feel good about ourselves, getting to dress in something that doesn’t have smashed bananas all over it. I’ll take any opportunity I’m given to wear something out of my ordinary. Like, I could wear more than this same pair of leggings 😂 #momlife