as a mom of three. Oh, wait, I’m married so let’s change that to surviving as a mom of four. When it comes to my husband and my babies there really isn’t anything I love or want more in this world. My 24-7 is consumed with those four boys and I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, when you spend your all day • everyday waiting and catering to others you can come pretty close to loosing your marbles. These are a few things that I do everyday to help keep me sane 🙈

My personal biggest helper is a clean house. Sounds a little impossible with a house of boys I know, and believe me it’s  constant work but it helps. Like a lot. When my house is a disaster it makes everything seem more chaotic. If my house is put together then I feel a little more together. But in order for it to stay neat I pick up all throughout the day. Which is actually much easier than trying to pick up a destroyed house all at one time. After every meal I clean up dishes and crumbs before we start anything else. A quick 2-3 minutes to put dishes in the washer, wipe off counters, and sweep up crumbs. After every activity and before each nap we pick up toys. I sweep and mop about 3 times a week. If you clean up as you go it’ll save you so much time and headache at the end of the day. I promise a neat house will work wonders for your racing heart.

Second is myself. Don’t roll your eyes, I know it sounds ridiculous to even say I fix my hair or wear makeup, heck I barely have time to brush my teeth (tip: invest in good mouthwash) 🙈 But honestly, find a way to look “put together.” Wether it’s just a little bit of make up and a topknot or fixed hair and mascara, just be able to look in the mirror and not want to cry. Like my house, if I look like a mess I feel like a mess. I have extremely dry hair so I can wash it and it’ll last me a good 3 days. Two days with it down and still fixed and the third day pulled up or in a braid. I wear my hair with big loose curls so I can wake up and it still looks about the same 😂  I am a huge fan of a tinted mostruizer. I use Neutrogena healthy skin glow, a little bronzer and some mascara. I feel so much better about myself and in case we have to load up and go somewhere, I’m good.  Mostly though, I don’t feel as bad for Cliff when he comes home. Ladies they love us, they really do, no matter how we look but I’m telling you that your man really doesn’t want to come home from a long day of work to a wrecked house and an even worse mama. If anything put on a pair of leggings and a clean tee shirt 😘

Thirdly find someway to do something for yourself. It could be an early cup of coffee before the house gets up, no tv or social media, just you and the silence. Or maybe a warm bath early morning or after the kids are asleep. Take a nap during naptime. I do this every chance I get plus it gets you extra snuggles from your little one. If you are lucky enough to have family live close by then take advantage of that. We are 🙌🏻 Cliff’s grandparents are our neighbors and my mom is less than 10 minutes away and they are the best. Many times one of them will come to me and stay with the kids at our house just so I don’t have to load them all up and take them there, or they don’t want their house destroyed, either way it’s a win for me. So this is where I do my “me time.” I don’t everyday but I do try to once or twice a week. Go for a run, go to the gym, make a quick trip to town by yourself, whatever you want or need to do, do it alone. Just you and Thomas Rhett singing T-shirt while your windows are down and that somewhat fixed hair is blowing in the wind 😉

Why this next one is #4 instead of #1 is stupid and bothers me but that’s the way it is and you mamas know it. Spend time with your man. I wish I could move him up but I have three kids so sometimes we just have to take what we can get. Which I guess it’s because if my house is a mess I’ll be cleaning instead, or if I didn’t take that shower during nap time that’s where I’d be headed, so maybe that’s why the few things pertaining to me are before him. Most of the time my pillow is calling my name once all three kiddos are asleep but sometimes you really just need to grab the ear plugs and not listen. Go sit on the couch cuddled by him and watch whatever re run it is he’s watching, because we all know that’s what he’s watching 🙄 Grab some beer or a bottle of wine and sit around with him just talking. If you get the chance to go out just the two of you take it. I know as a mom we feel guilty for leaving our babies but after so many of them you’ll get over that. just kidding. Really though get out of the house, shave your legs and dress up, go spend time with him without your kids any chance you get. If you can’t get out of the house but still have someone available for the kids then stay home in bed with him all night and sleep in before heading to get the babies.

🎨 Remember to play with your kids. As moms we stay busy with any and everything. There is always something else that needs to be done. Sometimes we have to just walk away from those things because not only do our kids need and. w a n t  us to play with them but we need it too. Spending quality time with our babies is good for the soul. Let go of the things holding you back and really play. Go outside and don’t worry about getting dirty, get in the floor and roll around with them. Whatever they want to do just say yes and do it and really be there while doing it. When it’s time to settle down hold them in your arms and watch Mickey Mouse. Enjoy them mamas because it doesn’t last forever. I’v never heard anything truer than the phrase “they won’t be little long.”

Last but not least BREATHE 💨 they are kids. They will always mess up, they will always get dirty, and they will usually always scream when your in public. Take a deep breath and know I’v got this. There’s no point in getting upset. You can sweep up the mess when they’re finished playing. When your feeling the heat and starting to sweat because they aren’t perfect just know all your doing is flushing your cheeks and frizzing your hair. Breath and learn to go with the flow.  It took me three kids to learn sometimes I don’t have complete control, just go with it. Life is much less stressful that way. You cause more trouble by expecting things to go a certain way and end up not enjoying what was there.

These things sound so simple and just so duhh but these are some of the hardest things to get done. Looking put together and having a clean house with kids? Me time and genuine time with your husband, you’ve got to be kidding. But they are the first to go and the hardest to do. Give it a try though and you’ll notice a much happier difference.

A few tips in achieving this list:

  1. Put your kids in the shower with you if you have to. Layton plays with water toys and if Landry isn’t asleep I bring his swing in.
  2. Do your makeup sitting in the floor in front of a mirror. I take one off our wall and go to the living room for better lighting. The kids don’t notice you’re doing something for yourself if you are in the floor with them but if you’re standing in the bathroom trying to get something done then they will probably be raising hell.
  3. Buy cute pajamas if your staying in all day. Or seriously I swear by leggings and a tee. Make it a v neck tee instead of that old homecoming shirt from junior high. Not wearing oversized sweats and stained clothes will make you feel better about yourself.
  4. Clean the kitchen as your are preparing food. Don’t leave it all setting on the counter, put things up when your finished using it. I hate cleaning up after I’v eaten. I want to eat and then relax. Not clean. So I clean up before eating.
  5. ACCEPT HELP!!! When it was just Logan I never did that and not much with two. Now that there are three of them I’ll pretty much take whatever I can get and it really helps you out, so take it.

Don’t worry about how others see you. We live in a world full of ignorant critics. At the end of the day you and yours is all that matters. So enjoy each day 😘


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