“Mom can I have sex?”

😳 what in the **** did you just say, was quickly choked on and thankfully only said in my head as I was standing at the sink washing bottles. Logan was right in front of me sitting at the bar eating his snack when he so freely made a comment wanting to know about having sex. “A kid said that if a girl is cute then that means I’m suppose to have sex with her.” “Well Logan do you know what sex means?” β€’ “That I like a girl?” I’m dumbfounded at the moment. I can’t think and have no freaking clue what to even say to him. Should I talk to him? Should I wait on Cliff? Do I scare him? I don’t want him to think its no big deal if I act real cool about it? What in the hell, he’s seven!?! So I tell him I’ll answer him in a few minutes when I get finished up in the kitchen. I quickly turn to google, every parents legal advisor and pediatrician πŸ˜‚. But before I sit down to talk with him I know that he honestly has no idea what he just said and I don’t want to make him think he did something wrong or scare him from talking about it with me ever again. So this converstion needs to be a laid back, easy, but matter of fact, all at the same time. I don’t want to scold him for being curious because I want him to always come to me and always talk to me about anything. So after googling “how to talk to your 7yr old about sex” this was my response. 

“Well son sex is something adults do when they’re married. It’s a special way they hug each other to show that they love each other. But it’s done privately. They don’t talk about it to people and they never give each other that special “hug” in front of others. It’s only for adults though. It’s a very very bad thing for kids to do. Adults also wait until they are married to have sex because that’s how they become a mommy and a daddy. So you have to be a grown up, with a job, and a house so that you can have a baby. Also God gets very upset with you if you have sex and you aren’t married. You don’t want God to be mad at you, do you?” 

I also went on to explain that sex is not a bad word but it’s not a very nice word for a kid to say. If he were to say that word at school he would be sent to the office. My voice was an informative but this is not something you are to be doing tone, if that makes since.

 When we finished up I told him he was to always ask me questions like that. That his mommy knew everything, that he shouldn’t ask other people about sex because they would not know. Lord help, all I need is for my kid to be the one asking all his friend’s about sex πŸ™„. And since sex is a special way only mommy and daddy’s hug each other this happened a few evenings after our convo. 

The two littles were already in bed for the night and Logan was on the couch with me and Cliff. Cliff put his arm around me and I snuggled into his chest. Logan looked at us and said ” So are y’all fixing to sex now?” πŸ™ˆ

Good Luck mama and daddo’s because they hear all sorts of crazy things at school. Mine is only 7 and thinks girls are H0T.


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