Ok so this is a fun little post for me. I am a girl. I enjoy shopping. I love clothes. I have a shoe addiction. etc. etc. Being a mom of three little boys I rarely get to wear real clothes. So building an outfit and getting to actually wear it kinda makes me feel normal. I remember when I was younger I would take pictures of my clothes with my digital camera and upload them onto my desktop 😂 I enjoyed having a folder of them. Stems from the OCD I have for organization (that I have been forced to tone down since having so many kids) Even now as a ‘grown up’ I have a board on Pinterest in my closet where I have pinned each item in my closet. It’s such a fun way to keep up with what I have and helps me to not forget about something Iv bought. I literally have my wardrobe at my fingertips. I use it when I’m trying to plan what I’ll wear here or there and have used it while shopping to see if the skirt I want will work with the shirt I have in mind that’s hanging in my closet. The actual board itself is a secret board though, because I’m a dork and didn’t want people to know I did that 😂 but it really is fun.  

I have a pretty laid back style, tees, tanks, cuffed sleeves, and distressed denim. When needed, I’ll throw in a cool pair of heels to dress it up. 

When you’re hanging outside after the sun goes down 🌚🍻These shorts are Hollister that I snagged off of a markdown rack at tj maxx 👊🏻 these are similar. A comfy & thin sweatshirt perfect for summer nights outside. If you’re like me you get a little cool once the sun goes down. I usually carry something like this or a flannel with me if we’re going to be outside at night and here are my favorite pair of sandals. 

That perfect cool look
😎That one time I bought something not on sale 😏 but so worth it. These midnight blue moto jeggings are hands down one of the coolest pieces in my closet. Paired with any relaxed grey (or white) tank with a side knot, similar here, leather wedges and a dainty gold necklace. For this look I went with my gold evil eye because of the navy. There are tons of similar necklaces and you can spend as little or as much. I found mine marked down at tj maxx. 

Mama running errands go•to look
🚗This is one of my weekly go to looks. When my kids are with me and we are out in town running errands. Such an easy, cool, and lightweight dress. Usually paired with my birks or also so cute with some Chuck Taylors. Covering up that ‘Iv got three kids hair’ with my favorite ball cap and for my littlest, a teething necklace 👶🏻 I purchased this one through BayBee Boutique and he loves it. 

Easy, cute & casual 👟I pretty much have every style Old Navy tee in white, grey, and black. This one is the relaxed crew neck style. They do regular sales where you can snag tees for $4-$6 bucks and any day is a good day for Converse. Add a pair of light wash distressed denim shorts 👌🏻

Getting dressed is a way we moms can add personality to our everyday. It’s something that can help us feel good about ourselves, getting to dress in something that doesn’t have smashed bananas all over it. I’ll take any opportunity I’m given to wear something out of my ordinary. Like, I could wear more than this same pair of leggings 😂 #momlife 


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