Let them be little 

because one day soon they won’t be.

Why is it that we get so upset over so many things? For whatever reason the rest of the world, you know the experts… that probably don’t have kids, make us believe that our kids should always be the most well behaved, well mannered, calm, little people. That things should go smoothly at all times. Things should just be picture perfect. I have learned that as a mama I was expecting entirely too much from my kiddos. I would get so upset when things didn’t go as planned. I could feel my face getting warm when my kids didn’t do things exactly the way I thought they should.

Then finally I loosened up and reminded myself he’s a child. If it really wasn’t that big of a deal, I’d just let it go, not say anything, and let him enjoy getting dirt on his school shoes. They are shoes, I can wash them. If they don’t come clean who cares? He doesn’t. He’s seven and thinks they are so cool and make him run fast, that’s why he wants to wear them outside on Saturday when his buddies are over. So his sheets aren’t pulled tight and his pillow placed perfectly in the center of his bed, he tried, besides he’s just going to sleep in it again tonight. He accidentally spilt his drink. Ok so, wipe it up and remember he did not mean too. How many times a day do we mess something up? My little ones don’t fall asleep right when I lay them down for a nap. Hey Mama guess what, they may not be sleepy yet and your wasting 45 minutes by fighting them. Let them keep playing until they are sleepy. They’ll nap then. And be so thankful your baby wakes up from his nap, even if it is early. We take so much for granted and forget to enjoy the simple things.As Mamas we should always try our best to be patient and kind and slow to react because they love us the most.

I’ll admit it. I am hard on Logan. Sometimes I’ll realize that I’m expecting him to act like a grown man. He’s a kid!!! He wants to run, he wants to play, he wants to make annoying noises. Isn’t that what they are really suppose to do though? We miss so many opportunities to enjoy our kids because they are getting to rowdy. Open the door and go outside. They can’t break a picture frame out there. A little fresh air is nice for us mamas if we’ll let it be. I’m grocery shopping with Logan and Layton. They are too loud. Says who? The grumpy lady that would also complain that her pillow is too soft? They aren’t screaming, crying, or fighting, they are making fart noises and laughing so hard snot comes out of Layton’s nose. My point here mama is don’t let things bother you just because other people think it should. Now that I have three of these little people it’s pretty much a circus at all times. I’ve accepted it and you know what, I enjoy it. I laugh with them. I don’t get embarrassed anymore. Find joy in their energy and their goofiness. Society makes us feel like ONLY the bad is a reflection on our parenting. Well I have news for ya💃🏻 my babies laughter and smile is a reflection on my parenting as well. My kid’s love for one another is a reflection on my parenting. My sweet Logan putting his hand on his best friends helmet after he struck out and saying “it’s ok buddy” that is a reflection on my parenting. Our kids are happier when we are happier and always stressing out isn’t happy. Always saying no, stop, don’t, isn’t happy.

Mama you are awesome, don’t let spectators make you feel differently. One day you’ll learn to not even notice they are there. Because one day you will be so busy making fart noises with those wild kids that you also forget there is another world out there. Our kids live in our world. Make it a fun world, because one day they’ll be a part of the other world…and that world sucks.


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