Our kids today

are 7 years old, 20 months, and 4 months. This post is about each one and what they love most today. This is where I wish I had a blog started with Logan’s pregnancy, so I could keep a log of our milestones and favorites. But I didn’t, so no better time than now to jot these things down. We will start with the youngest and work our way up.

Landry Reid four months. Taking 4 sometimes 6 ounces per feeding, no strict schedule just pretty much whenever he’s hungry. Regular bedtime is anywhere between 730-9pm depending on what we have been doing that evening and if he had a later nap. I usually try to get him a nap while I cook dinner and eat and it’ll work out most of the time that he wakes as I’m cleaning up. He usually wakes up around 230 for a bottle and then around 8am. Some nights he’ll throw in an extra wake up just to keep me on my A game. Naps pretty good all throughout the day. He can roll over. No teeth yet but we are starting to teeth. His swing and cartoons keep him pretty occupied. His world lights up when me or his daddy smile and talk to him. This one is definitely my momma’s boy. He doesn’t last too long away from me before he gets fussy. He’s our little homebody as well. He will not sleep anywhere other than his cradle so after we have been away from home for a few hours he’s pretty much pissed until we make it back. He is by far our chunkiest little. He has the best lips and the sweetest cheeks. We started out with blue eyes but they are slowly changing to what I believe will be green, like his daddy’s. He is starting to giggle, can bring things to his mouth and can sometimes give himself a bottle. (16 lbs) 

Layton Thomas twenty months. T H I S kid 😂 has the absolute best personality. He is the happiest little ball of joy and energy. He wakes up every morning with the happiest “momma” as he is running down the hall. He is usually up before anyone else so we sit and he shares my foffee. Literally, the first thing he does when we walk into the kitchen is open his drawer, get a straw, and go wait on the couch. His favorite tv show is Mickey. However, he knows each Disney jr show by name and character. He loves Logan and trying to stay right with him. 💙 He always runs to lay by the baby when I sit him down, kisses him any chance he gets, and is the first to grab a bottle or paci when he cries. Layton is pretty attached to his paci also, I’m close to taking it away but he’s just too cute with it ☺️ He is now only taking 1 nap a day. He is hell on wheels, climbs up everything, and loves to go “bye bye,” he could stay in town on the go all day. Like every kid he loves the outside. Every type of food is called a cookie so wether he wants mac & cheese or a hamburger, it’s called a cookie. He drinks a couple cups of milk each day and his favorite juice is V8 berry blend. He loves putting on SOCKS & SHOES. He also has an unbelievable vocabulary to be a year and half. We have been introducing him to the potty, so hopefully he will be trained soon 😁 (28lbs)

.:. Foffee•coffee Moose•move NoNan•Logan Tea•all drinks Deedaa•Pizza Cookie•all food Sassy•paci Boot•Boat .:.

Logan Wade is somehow seven years old 😔 it was like over night he went from being this noisy, aggravating, little boy to a cool, helpful, awesome kid. He has the prettiest tan skin, perfect hair, and the longest lashes. Yall, this kid is beautiful. He really is such a good big brother. Layton adores him and they have been the best buds since school has been out. He’s doing an awesome job helping me out with things at home, eapecially keeping the bushes and flowers watered. His behavior has matured so much in just the past months. Of course he is still a wide open, loud, energetic boy, but is doing a much better job of actually doing what he is told when he is told 🙌🏻 He is loving baseball, climbing trees, and fishing most right now. My favorite part about him is even though he’s a big kid he still loves to love on his mama. He stays awake waiting for me to get both of the babes to sleep so he can catch me before I get in bed and ask “Mom will you lay with me?” ☺️ (52pounds)


4 thoughts on “Our kids today

  1. This was a G R E A T post! I can relate on so many levels even with having a boy and a girl! Maybe it’s just the second child, but Sophia and Layton sound like a match made in heaven!


  2. I sooooo love my grandboys…they r all granna & grandys angels….each has his distinctive little personally & I can hardly wait 2 c what landrys will b like…I love reading ur blogs my beautiful little girl about my boys…love all of yall so very much!


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