Put me in coach 

So last night was our last baseball game until next spring and this mama is having all kinds of emotions about it. I have been ready to see our season end, or at least I thought so. We ended the regular season about a month back and have since been doing All-Stars everyday but Sunday. Practicing everyday up to our tournament this past week which has been a game every night for six nights and not getting home until 10:00pm or later. I was pretty sure I was done. But now it’s bittersweet 😟  Watching Logan play ball is one of the best parts about being his mom. I mean, have you seen that kid in his uniform 😍⚾️  Last night they played with all of their hearts and came out on top. 

Thursday started off pretty much as the most chaotic morning I have had as a mom of three. Layton woke me up with his diaper in one hand and shorts in the other, so proud to tell me “I potty I potty!!” in his bedroom floor. And it just dominoed from there. I was trying my best to get ready for real estate closings I had that afternoon, the baby wasn’t in the mood for a nap, everything I had been doing for the past three days to help Layton poop finally kicked in 🙈 and Logan was milking his bee sting. We did end up having to see the doctor for steroids because we had our last game approaching and Logan had already voiced that he was going to play

Finally 6:30pm came and it was time to remember his uniform and hope I had pressed start for the dryer. I did 🙌🏻  He couldn’t get his cleat on that foot so we had to borrow a shoe from a kid with a bigger foot but we managed and he took the field. They were playing a good team that had already beat them pretty good a few days before. Both teams were on fire and battling for that W. We score our 7 run limit at our last bat of the game and just need to make 3 quick outs to win. The other team make some huge hits to make the score 20-18 and we had yet to make an out. The parents are sitting in the bleachers in knots because we know how bad our kids wanted this and had already thought crap it’s over. We make an out but they also score, it’s now 19-20. We make a second out but they also score again. We are tied 20-20, their bases are loaded, we just need one more out, any bag just make the out. The ball is hit, their kid is running home and we have an easy toss to third to make the out and go into an extra inning. Instead we make a harder throw home and make it. Our hind catcher caught it and made the out, yes we are going crazy at this point and our boys think they have just won the World Series. 20-20 extra inning here we come. 

We score six runs and take the field. Their first batter makes a home run. The next few come up making big hits again. We make two outs and the score is now 26-25. They have boys on bases, one good hit from their side could win the game but they have a strike out. Our boys run off the field throwing hats and gloves and us mamas are trying to hold back big proud tears. Definitely the best game we have been a part of all season. 

And no I don’t have a voice today 😝


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