Mom and Dad only

Because my mom is the bomb and stayed at our house with all three of the babes Cliff and I finally got to get away for a night. He was going down Friday for a quick deep sea fishing trip so I decided I’d meet him there that Sunday morning before they left headed home. After only 3 hours of sleep, a baby bottle, and Layton waking up, I was pretty much awake, so at 2:45am I left and was able to get Cliff at 8:00am. Sunday was a much enjoyed do nothing day laying on the beach and only moving when we were walking to Pineapple Willys🍍🌊 We had huge plans of all these things we would do that night since it was just us but instead we sat in each other’s arms, taking in the ocean from our balcony πŸ’™ I slept for a solid ten hours that night and let me just say, ahhmazing then Monday was spent in the water playing with goggles πŸ€“ finding baby sand dollars and little hermit crabs πŸ¦€.

The original plan was to stay on the beach and come in just in time for dinner, get another good sleep and drive home Tuesday morning but Cliff had a job come up that needed to get done so we decided to come home Monday evening instead. I wasn’t too bummed about leaving a few hours early because even though we were having a great time, Mama bear missed her cubs 🐻 Before heading home we had a late lunch at Sharky’s, fish tacosπŸ‘ŒπŸ» and walked around pier park for a little bit. I was finally able to snatch a shark week Lokai bracelet, after being looked at many times like I was crazy for even asking if they still had any, one shop had just a few left. I’m usually not a fan of crocs but Cliff likes their leather flip flops and since they were bogo 50% off I did get these. They are super cute on and hella comfortable πŸ’• (bailey don’t laugh at me)

A quick 5 hours later we made it home to three sleeping kiddos. Around 3:30am Layton wakes up needing cuddles, while I’m in there Logan wakes up “Hey mom” with the biggest smile and best hug then goes straight back to sleep ☺️ Now we’re all on the couch with coffee and milk watching the Lion Guard


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