My last time

to hold a set of chunky thighs and have a gummy grin flashed my way hit hard today 😞 My littlest is hitting milestones quick, much quicker than the other two. It hit this mama today and it is just so bittersweet. I have been ready for him to be a year old pretty much since we found out we were pregnant again. It seems like things will get a little more convenient when he can walk, when he has teeth and I can just feed him off of my plate, and when middle of the night wakes are few and far between. But now that’s only six months away and watching him scoot from the living room to the kitchen today made me realize it’s all happening and this is the last time I will have a belly scooting babe. Those night time discomforts are coming from my last baby with my last set of teething gums. I will soon feel my last first tooth. His scoot is close to turning into a crawl and a few times these past few days he has sat himself up and balanced for a few seconds. I’m watching a sweet babe flash his gums for the last time, all I have to do is make eye contact and there it is followed by a little squeal. A squeal that will soon be Mama. All of his firsts will be turning into my lasts. So many days I can’t wait to see him chasing his big brothers but for the first time that will mean I will no longer have a new baby. Now don’t take this as me wanting another because believe me I’m good. We are surgically over childbearing πŸ˜‚ but it does pull on my heartstrings watching this sweetheart grow. If he wasn’t doing it so fast maybe it wouldn’t hit so hard but all in a week he started scooting, has gotten much faster scooting, is trying to sit, and ready to pop a tooth through. 

My sweet and precious third amazing angel, I will love you harder than you can ever imagine and longer than you will ever know. You gave me one last time to grow a tiny human, one last time to experience the miracles of child birth, one last time for the overjoying love and fear of a new baby. You’ve given me another chance to see myself and my husband inside another set of sparkling eyes. You have again reminded me of pure innonence and helped me find more patience, even when I thought there wasn’t any left. You will forever be my miracle, you proved you were meant to be apart of my life the day you were born. My Landry Reid πŸ’™ I love you πŸ’™ 


Potty trainingΒ 

Today has been five days since we buckled down and really started the whole potty training nonsense. For the past few months I’ll sit him on the potty, talk about the potty, etc. trying to introduce him to it and learn what it is and what it’s for. But we hadn’t really been trying to “train.” Finally last week I decided it was time. But let me forwarn you, unless you are ready to fully dedicate yourself, you are wasting your time. Your all day every day is about to be about a weenie and a potty. We did not leave the house at all because I didn’t want to go back and forth between don’t pee pee in your undies to wearing a diaper because we need to go somewhere. No more diapers at all and a pull up only at night. I think pull ups are dumb, why would I replace a diaper with basically the same thing trying to teach him don’t potty in your pants. If he does pee with a pull up on he isn’t learning anything because it does the same thing as a diaper. But if he’s in underwear and pees then he feels it. He feels it run down his leg and his underwear is wet. He doesn’t like it. Hates it in fact. Ewww was cried many times. But that’s how he knows what will happen if you don’t take your pants off first. 

 He has done an awesome job at catching on. At night laying in the bed he will get up and go to the potty, at that point he’s wearing a pull up, so I was very impressed in him not just wetting it. The first thing he says in the morning is “pee pee outside” so we go outside and a lot of mornings his pull up is still dry!!! We do ALOT of peeing outside but hey, whatever works. Whatever he likes to do that makes him want to take off his undies and say “go pee pee”. We do use a training potty (shaped like a frog), I didn’t with Logan, but Layton loves frogs so I thought it’d help and it did, he likes to “pee pee frog.” And we do ALOT of dancing, waving our arms in the air and jumping around singing our I pee pee song.

P.S. if your kid wants to “pee on da grass” you go pee pee on the grass, even if it is raining. 

His first day or two of training he did cry a few times for his diaper but I told him he was big boy now, like Logan. That helped. Logan has also been a big helper. He’ll say he needs to go pee, that’ll get Layton excited and he’ll go too. We’ve had to make two quick trips to town and so far no accidents but we pee before we get in the car and try to everytime we get out. Yes, I am that mom squatting by her car with a peeing toddler πŸ‘‹πŸ» 

I personally love him running around the house in only a pair of underwear, that’s slightly too big, ☺️ and hello diaper bill for just one babe now πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’ΈπŸ’°

There’s your pay

Somehow some of the best parts of motherhood get left out of the conversation, you know, the ugly side of it. The haven’t showered in three days side, the my kid just pooped all the way up his back in his car seat side, the endless crying you do alone in the dark corner of your bedroom side. Motherhood is not always unicorns and rainbows, it is the hardest job you will ever take on. There are days your new little baby cries all day long, you can’t eat lunch, pick up toys, or do the laundry because you have to hold the baby. There are so many nights that you finally get all of your kiddos tucked in bed and the kitchen cleaned up, you can finally go lay down and within minutes of you pulling your comforter tight and dozing off, you hear the start of that little cry. Even more nights of getting the littlest tucked back in and at the same time you hear tiny feet running down the hallway. There will be countless nights of looking at the clock and seeing another hour roll past. There will be times you literally stick your hands under your toddlers mouth to catch his vomit in an attempt to keep it off of the bedding, he will poop in the floor and smear it in with his big brothers blanket, and if you’re real lucky he may go a week without pooping and while he’s laying on the floor screaming and shaking you are on your knees praying Lord please help this baby use the bathroom. It gets real ugly when you had a long night and an even longer day, your kids fought over a toy they haven’t touched in a year, when one set of eyes closed for a nap the other set immediately opened, and now it’s 7:00p.m., your tea boiled over, chicken is burnt, and the vegetables never even made it to the cutting board. You slip in the kitchen on melted ice the kids continue to get out and throw your back out trying to catch yourself and don’t even get me started on the amount of dishes that get broken. It’s all going to be ok though because one day they’ll grow up and move out πŸ˜‚ just kidding.

It really is ok though because in the middle of the night when you’re still awake, that little babe gives you the biggest, gummiest grin and your heart smiles so big it hurts. Those nights when they are sick and the cuddles seem extra special and since none of them nap together you get one on one time with each. Your big kid just wants to hang out with you, your middle seriously gives the best hugs, and when you put your face against the baby right under those cheeks and you inhale. You take the biggest breath, breathing his scent in as hard as you can. You’ll have days during potty training where you’ll be sitting in the floor in front of the potty waiting on him to say “I done”, he will grab you by the shirt collar and pull you to him just to wrap his arms around your neck. It’s those sort of things mawmaw is talking about when she says “There’s your pay.” Being a mother is definitely the hardest thing ever, it is an emotional and physically draining job that never ends, it is 24/7. But it is by far the best most rewarding feeling in the world. Nothing can compare to the feeling your babies give you. There’s a physical pressure in your chest, a good pressure though, of the love you feel. You are a mother. And you rock at it. Even if you look like hell most of the time πŸ˜‰

foyer makeover πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

So I have been on the lookout for vintage theatre seats for about forever now and a few weeks ago I finally stumbled across some on Craigslist. They were about 2 hours away from me so I message the guy hoping for a good price since I’m traveling a good ways. He responds with $75.00 😳 what? Um absolutely. He had a few in different sizes, 5,4,3 and 2 seat combos. The two seat was adorable but I opted for a set of three since I do the whole three kid thing. One of my good friends was down with it too. So we loaded up about 5:00am one Saturday morning and made the trip to Tennessee. Long car rides with besties really are the bomb. About 10 minutes from meeting this guy we realize we are two cute women going to meet some random man from a craigslist ad and freak a little so I’m txting my mom his address and phone number, ya know, just incase the cops need it. This guy had such a cool soul though. Pretty young, cool glasses, and lived in a historic home in a little county town with his fam πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Turns out he salvaged as many of these seats as he could from an old school that was getting demolished 😍

Of course they needed some loving and because Nicolette is pretty much the best she volunteered to do all of the sanding and staining on mine while she was doing hers. πŸ‘­ She txt me this morning that they were finished so I sent the hubs after them this evening. These seats are exactly what I had pictured for my entryway. I ordered this flag tapestry to hang above them. 

My mom had an old bookshelf that has been serving as a junk holder in her garage for awhile now. So I took it, painted it black, and turned it into our new catch all and shoe shelf. Now I have a new favorite spot in the house…for now πŸ˜‰

Finally seeing the light

We have had head colds throughout our house for about two weeks now. It started out with Logan being sick first. He actually woke up so sick the Friday before Cliff and I were attempting a mini mom and dad vacay. I took him on to see the doctor, I usually wait it out until we really need to go in because usually if you make the trip to early you’ll be going back for another sick visit a few days later. But since I was leaving we went and his white count definitely showed an infection. I left out for the beach early Sunday morning and we came home Monday evening. By then Layton was sick, got him some Meds and he finally got a little better but he’s two so he pretty much always keeps a snotty nose. Of course the baby eventually was sick enough our ped. would give him something. Three days into his Meds Layton knocks it off of the counter and spills all of it πŸ™„ Somehow Cliff escaped the crud but not mom, nope of course I got sick and of course mine was full force, sore throat, congestion, swollen eyes, etc. etc. I’m hoping this is the end of it though. Two weeks later we all are waking up a little crusty with puffy eyes but smiling. 

None of us have let it get us down, still playing, swimming, floating, which is probably why no one really got better πŸ™ˆ #goodjobmom 

Me and the littlest babe took Logan shopping yesterday for second grade school clothes. This kid came home with chacos, a Chaco wrist wrap, a dang lokai bracelet, and only Under Armour. Really dude? You’re seven!!! Like how do you even know what “name brand” is. I’m pretty sure my mom was still dressing me when I was in the second grade. Lawd have mercy, thank goodness he isn’t a girl 😡 Did I mention baby Landry was with us. Oh, how sweet this babe is. He was the best little boy, just hanging out with two of his faves all day, smiling & snoozing. 

The two big boys attended bible school with their great grandmother the last few days of the week. They had a blast. So much fun they didn’t want to leave …just a small glimpse at our real days as a family of five πŸ˜‚ “nooooo” “MawMaw help” 

But it’s Sunday morning and Sunday morning coffee and cuddles are the best because everyone is so worn out from the week they all sleep in and for just a wee bit it’s me and my Landry and Mama squeezes in as much soft baby cheek loving as possible. #imgonnamissthis 

Happy Sunday y’all 😘

P.S. Layton finally said “Landry” this week. He has only ever called him baby but this week he said “Hey Gandry” πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ˜‚

Fourth of July πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

We had a weekend packed as full as we could get it. Friday started us off with a pretty laid back cookout at our house with some friends where Cliff mastered the grill. Steaks, fresh gulf fish, corn on the cob, zucchini and peppers & onions 🐷 He’s definitely the Emerald around our place. We left out Saturday morning to float the creek with about 25 people. Logan had an absolute blast. He got to hang out with dad in his kayak, swing from every swing, jump from every rock, and play with his new bud Chandler or if Logan is saying it, ChanT-ler. We stayed on the creek for a good 7 hours just floating and soaking up the sun.

 Of course no creek float is complete without Cliff jumping from a 40′ rock and loosing his Oakleys πŸ™„ so first thing Sunday we loaded up to a quick trip to Academy to replace them and picked up a trunk load of fireworks and a couple pounds of gulf shrimp while we were out. With a failed attempt of naps for everyone we went to another cookout and played in the pool before going down to the farm for fireworks and bottle rocket wars. Actually bottle rocket wars probably isn’t correct, the better word would be the grown men shooting us moms and kids because apparently that’s hilarious πŸ˜’πŸ’₯ 

After a short but welcomed nights sleep we woke up to Independence Day πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ land of the free because of the brave πŸ’ͺ🏻. My mother-in-law lives on the river and every year their street shuts down for a July 4th parade. Pretty much everyone finds something with wheels, decorates it in red, white, and blue and load up all the kids. After we drive around the neighborhood everyone meets back up for hotdogs, watermelon, and ice cream. Half way through the ride our boys are making sure that we know “that water is calling my name” and we finish our day in the water and on the boat. 

Now we’re hanging out on the couch in our pjs and waiting on pizza to be delivered πŸ• I’m pretty sure we will need more than today to recover so you can find us here till Friday.