Finally seeing the light

We have had head colds throughout our house for about two weeks now. It started out with Logan being sick first. He actually woke up so sick the Friday before Cliff and I were attempting a mini mom and dad vacay. I took him on to see the doctor, I usually wait it out until we really need to go in because usually if you make the trip to early you’ll be going back for another sick visit a few days later. But since I was leaving we went and his white count definitely showed an infection. I left out for the beach early Sunday morning and we came home Monday evening. By then Layton was sick, got him some Meds and he finally got a little better but he’s two so he pretty much always keeps a snotty nose. Of course the baby eventually was sick enough our ped. would give him something. Three days into his Meds Layton knocks it off of the counter and spills all of it πŸ™„ Somehow Cliff escaped the crud but not mom, nope of course I got sick and of course mine was full force, sore throat, congestion, swollen eyes, etc. etc. I’m hoping this is the end of it though. Two weeks later we all are waking up a little crusty with puffy eyes but smiling. 

None of us have let it get us down, still playing, swimming, floating, which is probably why no one really got better πŸ™ˆ #goodjobmom 

Me and the littlest babe took Logan shopping yesterday for second grade school clothes. This kid came home with chacos, a Chaco wrist wrap, a dang lokai bracelet, and only Under Armour. Really dude? You’re seven!!! Like how do you even know what “name brand” is. I’m pretty sure my mom was still dressing me when I was in the second grade. Lawd have mercy, thank goodness he isn’t a girl 😡 Did I mention baby Landry was with us. Oh, how sweet this babe is. He was the best little boy, just hanging out with two of his faves all day, smiling & snoozing. 

The two big boys attended bible school with their great grandmother the last few days of the week. They had a blast. So much fun they didn’t want to leave …just a small glimpse at our real days as a family of five πŸ˜‚ “nooooo” “MawMaw help” 

But it’s Sunday morning and Sunday morning coffee and cuddles are the best because everyone is so worn out from the week they all sleep in and for just a wee bit it’s me and my Landry and Mama squeezes in as much soft baby cheek loving as possible. #imgonnamissthis 

Happy Sunday y’all 😘

P.S. Layton finally said “Landry” this week. He has only ever called him baby but this week he said “Hey Gandry” πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ˜‚


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