Potty training 

Today has been five days since we buckled down and really started the whole potty training nonsense. For the past few months I’ll sit him on the potty, talk about the potty, etc. trying to introduce him to it and learn what it is and what it’s for. But we hadn’t really been trying to “train.” Finally last week I decided it was time. But let me forwarn you, unless you are ready to fully dedicate yourself, you are wasting your time. Your all day every day is about to be about a weenie and a potty. We did not leave the house at all because I didn’t want to go back and forth between don’t pee pee in your undies to wearing a diaper because we need to go somewhere. No more diapers at all and a pull up only at night. I think pull ups are dumb, why would I replace a diaper with basically the same thing trying to teach him don’t potty in your pants. If he does pee with a pull up on he isn’t learning anything because it does the same thing as a diaper. But if he’s in underwear and pees then he feels it. He feels it run down his leg and his underwear is wet. He doesn’t like it. Hates it in fact. Ewww was cried many times. But that’s how he knows what will happen if you don’t take your pants off first. 

 He has done an awesome job at catching on. At night laying in the bed he will get up and go to the potty, at that point he’s wearing a pull up, so I was very impressed in him not just wetting it. The first thing he says in the morning is “pee pee outside” so we go outside and a lot of mornings his pull up is still dry!!! We do ALOT of peeing outside but hey, whatever works. Whatever he likes to do that makes him want to take off his undies and say “go pee pee”. We do use a training potty (shaped like a frog), I didn’t with Logan, but Layton loves frogs so I thought it’d help and it did, he likes to “pee pee frog.” And we do ALOT of dancing, waving our arms in the air and jumping around singing our I pee pee song.

P.S. if your kid wants to “pee on da grass” you go pee pee on the grass, even if it is raining. 

His first day or two of training he did cry a few times for his diaper but I told him he was big boy now, like Logan. That helped. Logan has also been a big helper. He’ll say he needs to go pee, that’ll get Layton excited and he’ll go too. We’ve had to make two quick trips to town and so far no accidents but we pee before we get in the car and try to everytime we get out. Yes, I am that mom squatting by her car with a peeing toddler 👋🏻 

I personally love him running around the house in only a pair of underwear, that’s slightly too big, ☺️ and hello diaper bill for just one babe now 🙌🏻💸💰


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