My last time

to hold a set of chunky thighs and have a gummy grin flashed my way hit hard today 😞 My littlest is hitting milestones quick, much quicker than the other two. It hit this mama today and it is just so bittersweet. I have been ready for him to be a year old pretty much since we found out we were pregnant again. It seems like things will get a little more convenient when he can walk, when he has teeth and I can just feed him off of my plate, and when middle of the night wakes are few and far between. But now that’s only six months away and watching him scoot from the living room to the kitchen today made me realize it’s all happening and this is the last time I will have a belly scooting babe. Those night time discomforts are coming from my last baby with my last set of teething gums. I will soon feel my last first tooth. His scoot is close to turning into a crawl and a few times these past few days he has sat himself up and balanced for a few seconds. I’m watching a sweet babe flash his gums for the last time, all I have to do is make eye contact and there it is followed by a little squeal. A squeal that will soon be Mama. All of his firsts will be turning into my lasts. So many days I can’t wait to see him chasing his big brothers but for the first time that will mean I will no longer have a new baby. Now don’t take this as me wanting another because believe me I’m good. We are surgically over childbearing πŸ˜‚ but it does pull on my heartstrings watching this sweetheart grow. If he wasn’t doing it so fast maybe it wouldn’t hit so hard but all in a week he started scooting, has gotten much faster scooting, is trying to sit, and ready to pop a tooth through. 

My sweet and precious third amazing angel, I will love you harder than you can ever imagine and longer than you will ever know. You gave me one last time to grow a tiny human, one last time to experience the miracles of child birth, one last time for the overjoying love and fear of a new baby. You’ve given me another chance to see myself and my husband inside another set of sparkling eyes. You have again reminded me of pure innonence and helped me find more patience, even when I thought there wasn’t any left. You will forever be my miracle, you proved you were meant to be apart of my life the day you were born. My Landry Reid πŸ’™ I love you πŸ’™ 


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