We have a tooth & a virus

and let me just say those are two things you never want happening at the same time. 

So both of the big boys had the virus last week, Logan’s started last Monday and he didn’t go back to school until Thursday, about the time Layton started running his fever that lasted through Saturday. Finally after Saturday afternoon his fever never made a return … because it had made its way to the baby πŸ˜” We woke up middle of the night and started treating it. He stayed so miserable all day yesterday, with the most pitiful, painful, cry. With it being a virus pretty much all I can do is give him Meds to help his temp and love on him extra hard. He played in a few dozen showers/baths also πŸ’¦

mom tip: showers and baths work miracles for little ones. It soothes all three of my boys. Showers are my trick for everything. If we feel bad we shower, dirty we shower, loosing our minds we shower, most mornings that’s how I enjoy my coffee. Logan and Layton wake up and play in a shower before Logan goes to school while I have what I can of peace and coffee β˜•οΈ

Yesterday evening I was rubbing Landry’s gums just to see and sure enough I felt his first little tooth barely cutting through. This poor baby is so restless from being sick and now extra pain added from his gums. Layton has been having his first little spurts of jealousness with all of this going on also. Since little bro has been sick mama is spending ‘more than usual’ time holding and soothing him and Layton has noticed. Iv done my best to balance them but let me just say I’m ready to break. (And that’s ok moms) We are so exhausted, there’s a constant cry coming from some where, and now my little middle boy is hanging on to me crying “mama help” wanting me to pick him up. When we finally got to the bedtime point all I wanted was for Landry to go to sleep so I could lay with Layton but it didn’t work out like I had hoped. When he was finally asleep I went to the boys room and what I saw made me just loose it. Logan had came to the rescue and gave his brother the loving he was needing. So many emotions ran through me, first of all I was mentally and physically exhausted. I was upset that I didn’t make it back there in time to hold them. I was so proud of Logan for being such an amazing big bro and honestly seeing them laying arm in arm made my heart burst. After a good cry on Cliff I calmed down and got to sit down for about 15 minutes, then the baby cried, again. He woke every other hour last night then around 5:30 he just couldn’t get comfortable again so guess what we did, shower!!! πŸ˜‚ (seriously swear by them)

He is now finally napping and I’m hold Layton on the couch, watching Mickey Mouse & eating a cupcake 😜



First lets just sit here, take a moment to just sit and listen to the sound of the naptime. Ahh, that was nice 😌 

So we have been caught up in a whirl wind for the past few days. We have football practice almost every night for two hours and somehow fit in dinner /baths and homework. This past Friday we went to watch our varsity boys whoop tail 🏈 then over the weekend Logan had spend the night company, friends over to play, and got a puppy 🐢 (fingers crossed the little guy can survive our house). Logan started complaining Sunday of a tummy ache. It wasn’t enough to get him down though, play hard then stop and whine for about 5 min, repeat. Monday morning around 9:30 the school nurse called for me to come get him. Headache, sore throat, body ache. His fever reached 102.6 that evening so he got to tag along Tuesday to Landry’s 6 month check up and shots (18.12 lbs of pure sweetness). Seems to be viral πŸ™„ so I’m just patiently awaiting the next fever outbreak. 

#momtip: when the dr puts your baby’s diaper on you should always go behind him and redo it because if you don’t you will get pissed on while holding him afterwards. 

(Dr.office crew)

 annnd now it’s Wednesday morning and another round of fever has hit 😫 Layton woke up running fever and Logan still has a touch of fever hanging on. So far the baby is still ok but at my house we never get sick at once and knock it all out together. It’s all back to back, just to ensure I’m mommin’ on my A-game. 

But on the plus side, I did get our pictures back from my sweet, amazingly talented, photographer bestie. She captured a few really adorable pics of my boys at my mom’s house, down by the creek. The same creek I played in summer after summer and now the creek my kiddos play in.

Heres to hoping the end of this week brings healthy kids and football 🍻🏈 

six months old

Our littlest babe hit his half year mark a little over a week ago and you’d think 6M was the new 1 year. He started scooting while he was only 5 months and since then it has progressed into a crawl, sitting up, and pulling up. Then, today he was standing at the couch and walked along the side of it holding on!! ☹️ stop it. 

This last little babe of mine is over being “the baby.” He’s doing his best to get up there with his bros.

 My Landry is the sweetest, squishiest, cuddliest little thing. He has these big cheeks that you can’t help to rub against, the most perfect set of lips, and the biggest grin. He always smiles and is giggling more. He loves to watch his big bros and loves even more when they pay him attention. Layton usually climbs in his crib with him at least once a day πŸ™ˆ He prefers baby food (sweet potatoes are his fav) over his bottle unless it’s nap time, he still takes 3 really good naps a day. Sleeps from 730p-6a with a few wake ups. We are in the stage of me just propping the bottle in his mouth and him going straight back to sleep, I’m right back to sleep also πŸ˜‚. He actually would rather lay with a bottle propped than be fed anyways. He doesn’t like to be held much at all and he hates being outside, for now at least, he does not like to be hot. After about 20 minutes he is over it. He is also our homebody. He loves being home and especially loves his bed. We still dont have a tooth yet but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did by morning, kid chews on everything. He weighs aprox. 18 pounds 🐷 and finally got to start getting in the shower with mom this week. He sits at one end playing with toys while I’m on the other. He is my biggest mama’s boy for sure. If I ever have to leave him I’m usually getting a phone call within two hours “I think he’s missing his mommy!” This littlest dude has turned out to be so different then both of his big brothers and I can not wait to see his personality develop. 

PLEASE be my laid back child πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‰

Back to school πŸ“šπŸŽ

So my biggest dude is having his first day of the Second grade and we’re having mixed emotions about it back here at home. Logan has been Layton’s best friend all summer long and now he’s missing his bud. It’s hard on mama too, with each school year start that means my first babe is another year older and another year closer to not being a mama’s boy, wanting mama to lay with him, not holding mama’s hand while we’re walking ☹️ 

But when I tell you this is going to be hard on Layton I mean this is going to break his sweet baby heart. Him and Logan have played so good e v e r y day, running outside, pushing trucks & tractors around, I would always find Logan dressing Layton in some of his clothes and Layton would play all day in a tee that was entirely too big for him. These dudes love each other so much! 

Drop off this morning went pretty good. He was cool as a cucumber walking in and smiling ear to ear, then we walked into his classroom and I’m pretty sure he seen a ghost πŸ‘» “Logan, you ok dude?” “I just real nervous 😳” I could tell he was scared, to the point he was fighting tears, one of those moments your holding it in but if someone hugs you then you just loose it. So I gave him a big smile and said well let’s go sit down and I’ll put away your things. He had calmed down within a few minutes before I left and now I’m confident that he’s having a bomb first day of the second grade

PS. mama did an awesome job of holding in the tears too β˜ΉοΈπŸ™ˆπŸ˜­

beachin β˜€οΈ

We just got home yesterday from our very first vacation with all three boys. (I did not pack light when it came to the baby, we took all of the things he is use to having at home to keep him as comfortable as possible) Let me start off by saying this is only possible if you have a mom that loads up and goes with you just to be a babysitter. 

My mom went with us to hang out in the room with the baby, his first trip to the gulf and he never even seen the waves πŸ™ˆ but by her doing that I was able to somewhat relax on the beach and play with Layton. He usually made one good trip down before he went back to the room for a nap. His naps were extra long while we were there so he never really came back out after waking up. Logan was good, he had his best buds so he was occupied and happy the entire trip. We have been trying to get a trip together with some friends of ours who’s boys are logans friends, it just never seemed to work out. Finally, like maybe two weeks before we left, we all realized everyone’s schedule had a few open days so we hurried up and got it together. 

The 3 big kids and the dads all traveled in Cliff’s truck while me, my mom, Nicolette, and my two babes traveled in mine. Of course we made a bizillon “I gotta pee pee” stops and a few get out and give the car seats a break stops, eventually we made it. The first beach day was overcast so we took the 7 year olds to the waterpark. I may or may not had the most fun 😎 I have been waiting for a big waterslide for two summers and finally had a trip that I wasn’t pregnant, so I hit every slide. Our favorite thing to do at the beach, besides being complete bums, is eat. Our first night I finally got my hands on the most delicious fish tacos from Hammerhead Freds. Had dinner at Shuckums, The Saltwater Grill (wine & Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna πŸ’™), then cured our hankering for sushi the last night at the Tokyo Grill. While on our trip my little six month old baby started grabbing things trying to pull up 😳 stop it, you just started crawling like two weeks ago. Getting real tired of this babies growing up thing, I just want them to stay small, sweet, and innocent forever. 

We made it home just in time to unpack and make it to the school for Logan’s second grade orientation πŸŽπŸ“š his teacher this year was actually Cliff’s second grade teacher also ☺️ thankfully she loved ol’ Clifford πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Happy last few days of summer break everyone βœŒπŸ»οΈβ˜€οΈ