six months old

Our littlest babe hit his half year mark a little over a week ago and you’d think 6M was the new 1 year. He started scooting while he was only 5 months and since then it has progressed into a crawl, sitting up, and pulling up. Then, today he was standing at the couch and walked along the side of it holding on!! ☹️ stop it. 

This last little babe of mine is over being “the baby.” He’s doing his best to get up there with his bros.

 My Landry is the sweetest, squishiest, cuddliest little thing. He has these big cheeks that you can’t help to rub against, the most perfect set of lips, and the biggest grin. He always smiles and is giggling more. He loves to watch his big bros and loves even more when they pay him attention. Layton usually climbs in his crib with him at least once a day πŸ™ˆ He prefers baby food (sweet potatoes are his fav) over his bottle unless it’s nap time, he still takes 3 really good naps a day. Sleeps from 730p-6a with a few wake ups. We are in the stage of me just propping the bottle in his mouth and him going straight back to sleep, I’m right back to sleep also πŸ˜‚. He actually would rather lay with a bottle propped than be fed anyways. He doesn’t like to be held much at all and he hates being outside, for now at least, he does not like to be hot. After about 20 minutes he is over it. He is also our homebody. He loves being home and especially loves his bed. We still dont have a tooth yet but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did by morning, kid chews on everything. He weighs aprox. 18 pounds 🐷 and finally got to start getting in the shower with mom this week. He sits at one end playing with toys while I’m on the other. He is my biggest mama’s boy for sure. If I ever have to leave him I’m usually getting a phone call within two hours “I think he’s missing his mommy!” This littlest dude has turned out to be so different then both of his big brothers and I can not wait to see his personality develop. 

PLEASE be my laid back child πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‰


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