First lets just sit here, take a moment to just sit and listen to the sound of the naptime. Ahh, that was nice 😌 

So we have been caught up in a whirl wind for the past few days. We have football practice almost every night for two hours and somehow fit in dinner /baths and homework. This past Friday we went to watch our varsity boys whoop tail 🏈 then over the weekend Logan had spend the night company, friends over to play, and got a puppy 🐢 (fingers crossed the little guy can survive our house). Logan started complaining Sunday of a tummy ache. It wasn’t enough to get him down though, play hard then stop and whine for about 5 min, repeat. Monday morning around 9:30 the school nurse called for me to come get him. Headache, sore throat, body ache. His fever reached 102.6 that evening so he got to tag along Tuesday to Landry’s 6 month check up and shots (18.12 lbs of pure sweetness). Seems to be viral πŸ™„ so I’m just patiently awaiting the next fever outbreak. 

#momtip: when the dr puts your baby’s diaper on you should always go behind him and redo it because if you don’t you will get pissed on while holding him afterwards. 

(Dr.office crew)

 annnd now it’s Wednesday morning and another round of fever has hit 😫 Layton woke up running fever and Logan still has a touch of fever hanging on. So far the baby is still ok but at my house we never get sick at once and knock it all out together. It’s all back to back, just to ensure I’m mommin’ on my A-game. 

But on the plus side, I did get our pictures back from my sweet, amazingly talented, photographer bestie. She captured a few really adorable pics of my boys at my mom’s house, down by the creek. The same creek I played in summer after summer and now the creek my kiddos play in.

Heres to hoping the end of this week brings healthy kids and football 🍻🏈 


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