We have a tooth & a virus

and let me just say those are two things you never want happening at the same time. 

So both of the big boys had the virus last week, Logan’s started last Monday and he didn’t go back to school until Thursday, about the time Layton started running his fever that lasted through Saturday. Finally after Saturday afternoon his fever never made a return … because it had made its way to the baby πŸ˜” We woke up middle of the night and started treating it. He stayed so miserable all day yesterday, with the most pitiful, painful, cry. With it being a virus pretty much all I can do is give him Meds to help his temp and love on him extra hard. He played in a few dozen showers/baths also πŸ’¦

mom tip: showers and baths work miracles for little ones. It soothes all three of my boys. Showers are my trick for everything. If we feel bad we shower, dirty we shower, loosing our minds we shower, most mornings that’s how I enjoy my coffee. Logan and Layton wake up and play in a shower before Logan goes to school while I have what I can of peace and coffee β˜•οΈ

Yesterday evening I was rubbing Landry’s gums just to see and sure enough I felt his first little tooth barely cutting through. This poor baby is so restless from being sick and now extra pain added from his gums. Layton has been having his first little spurts of jealousness with all of this going on also. Since little bro has been sick mama is spending ‘more than usual’ time holding and soothing him and Layton has noticed. Iv done my best to balance them but let me just say I’m ready to break. (And that’s ok moms) We are so exhausted, there’s a constant cry coming from some where, and now my little middle boy is hanging on to me crying “mama help” wanting me to pick him up. When we finally got to the bedtime point all I wanted was for Landry to go to sleep so I could lay with Layton but it didn’t work out like I had hoped. When he was finally asleep I went to the boys room and what I saw made me just loose it. Logan had came to the rescue and gave his brother the loving he was needing. So many emotions ran through me, first of all I was mentally and physically exhausted. I was upset that I didn’t make it back there in time to hold them. I was so proud of Logan for being such an amazing big bro and honestly seeing them laying arm in arm made my heart burst. After a good cry on Cliff I calmed down and got to sit down for about 15 minutes, then the baby cried, again. He woke every other hour last night then around 5:30 he just couldn’t get comfortable again so guess what we did, shower!!! πŸ˜‚ (seriously swear by them)

He is now finally napping and I’m hold Layton on the couch, watching Mickey Mouse & eating a cupcake 😜


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