rewinding back two years 

So September 25 is approaching and my wild, rowdy, loving, baby number two will be two big years old. He is the silliest and sweetest, yet craziest, sneaky little booger. He loves to love and pokes his two year old lips out as far as he can to give you a kiss but at the same time will test his limits with the cutest smirk on his face then say “hey what you doin?” when you spank him. His big day is coming quickly and I try to think back to his first days in my arms. 

We were being induced the evening of the 24th, bags packed, house cleaned, cradle waiting. Cliff was running late with work so his sister actually drove me to the hospital and waited with me until he got there. He wasn’t too far behind us so he made it before I had even gotten an iv. I was ready for my epidural before midnight (2-3 contractions and Iv felt enough) It went well, until I passed out. I remember asking for a cool rag then asking for it to be colder, my nurse knew then something was wrong because it was already very cold. I woke up to a room full of nurses all holding bags of fluid and the anastheoligist talking to me. “That was the best sleep Iv had in a long time!” I said, even if it was less than a minute. We started dilating pretty quick and had hopes of welcoming our little babe by early morning but Layton decided to hold off a little longer. We had family and friends dropping by all throughout the day and when my best friend (who doesn’t handle anything gross well) got there of course I became sick and vomited at my bedside while she stood at the foot of the bed (for whatever reason I remember that as being a big part of delivery 🙄😂) 4:00pm rolls around and we are finally ready to push and the room has the best atmosphere going on. We’re happy, laughing, and smiling and just so ready. I had the best nurses with awesome attitudes who just carried on in the conversations with us. Pushed a few minutes then greeted our doctor with a smile. We had our birth photographed (best decision ever) by a local photographer who would soon become one of my dearest friends. Cliff stood by my side, holding me and cheering me on. When I say this was an awesome birth room, like seriously so laid back and cheerful. 4:13pm and I’m grabbing my 7lb.4oz baby boy and pulling him onto my chest with tears rolling off my cheeks. He was so perfect. Blue eyes and kinky red curls, two years later he is still blue eyed and now has dirty blonde/very light brown wavy locks. 

Now we’re here, two years later. He has turned into the most hilarious little character. You seriously never know what he is going to do or say. He’s so full of love and such a fun and happy little boy. He loves his brothers (especially Logan) his favorite things are his daddy’s truck, daddy’s tractor, and daddy’s ranger. He loves being outside and playing “bount-trucks” (dump trucks)

  • Favorite drink: “cockit milk”
  • Favorite food:     pizza
  • Favorite movie:  Kung fu Panda
  • Favorite show:    Mickey Mouse
  • Favorite game:   3-4 (a game Logan made up with couch cushions)

Layton is definitely a middle child through and through. His looks are completely different than all of ours. I have no doubt he will be the wildest of the bunch. I can already tell he will be a charmer. He will probably get into the most trouble out of the three but he will be the one that can smooth his way out of it. He has beautiful blue eyes that literally sparkle and he has the best little giggle I have ever heard. He’s super smart and has an unbelievable vocabulary and is also completely potty trained 🙌🏻 he actually has been for a few months now and was pretty easy to train. (training post here)

I just can’t believe he’s turning two ☹️️ I love this age the most, it just doesn’t last nearly long enough. Here are some snapshots, that usually don’t make it to social media, of his spunky self throughout this past year. 

 • you wouldn’t believe how long scattering diapers can keep him entertained 🙄• he is a hand holder• and he is always climbing on top of something• he’s a coffee drinker too• he has a major obsession with socks & shoes • oh, how I miss seeing him with his “sassy” (paci)• whatever he could find to look out the window because the neighbors were cutting grass 😂• on a “huntnin” trip (Logan dressed them) 

Happy two years my beautiful boy, you have filled our world with so many wonderful feelings. 

Ps. Its been awhile since my last post, I have been trying to finish this one for about two weeks now but everytime I would get started someone would either wake up, cry, or sh*t 🙊


One thought on “rewinding back two years 

  1. My baby boy has definitely made me laugh..he’s such a whimsical lil rascal… I love him so very much & he’ll let u know I’m HIS granna😊


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