Layton’s birthday party

• September 25, 2016 •

Yesterday our middle babe turned two big years old and we celebrated him with a pumpkin painting party. If only it had actually been pumpkin weather, or is mid 90s the new Fall? 🙄 it was still a hit, just a tad hot! 

We started our morning off with a cupcake for breakfast 👊🏻 and a quick trip to target for a new high chair and a few last minute party items. He was so excited and ready for his party. He has been singing “happy birthday me” all week and eyeballing all of the pumpkins we had gathered in the dining room. I ended up having to hide the basket of paint and brushes until time to pass them out at the party because Layton was really ready to paint! This year we got him a Cozy Coupe car, which he loves ❤️ he sat right beside Cliff the entire time he was putting it together and kept repeating “I wanna ride the buggy!” Our puppy however isn’t a big fan of it, Layton tosses him back in just as fast as he jumps out.

We let all the kiddos pick a pumpkin and head to the porch for some painting and a few of the older ones carved theirs. Sang happy birthday, devoured our homemade cake, thanks to Mawmaw, and unwrapped a few dozen tractors. Huge thank you to our friends and family that came over to celebrate our boy with us 😘 we love you all and he had an awesome birthday. 


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