C H U R C H at home.

As a mom of three we stay pretty busy all the time and if we aren’t on the go we are home with usually all three boys asking or crying for something, we slip when it comes to bringing God into our all day every day lives. Usually because I just don’t have time, I know I am not the only mom that feels like that, am I right? But really that’s just another excuse. We come up with so many excuses. Some Sundays I’m trying to get ready but both of the littles are crying all morning and won’t let me out of their sight, each wanting held. But just because we don’t make it out the door that Sunday doesn’t mean we should just forget it all together. Because really living your life for God doesn’t end around noon that one day of the week anyway. As a mother my job is to teach and raise my children and I can’t do that correctly if we aren’t keeping God in our daily lives. So something Iv started is our “Church at home” on the Sundays we miss church we have a lesson and craft and on Wednesday evenings because we usually don’t make it out of the house, through the week we read a bible story each night and talk about it, we are reading this Beginner’s Bible New Testament right now. Logans biggest question right now is prayer and not knowing what to say sometimes. I have a few ideas on crafts for that I will share later (once I get them made πŸ™ˆ) 
Also another great way to bring God in is through music, which is my favorite and fun for kids so I will have a playlist together soon. 
This week we did a very simple 10 things God wants that I printed from here. Logan did great with it, we started off by him reading one at a time and then went back to discuss each individually. Of course Layton is two so he pretty much stood in the chair and scribbled but he’s there and listening wether we realize it or not, because a little later we were in the playroom and he brought me his paper and said “Geezus!” When we were finished I asked Logan for 3 things he learned during our lesson. 

My goal is to make this a weekly post, I hope this helps at least one mama out there to find a way to teach your little ones while also learning yourself, to have and give a fun and simple lesson and craft on those days we don’t make it out the door. And not only for weeks we miss the sermon but each week also to have little studies at home. This is our job and our children need us for it now more than ever, don’t let this world teach them right from wrong! 

πŸ™πŸ» Logan has been teaching Layton how to say his prayers and peeking in on them is the sweetest thing ever. Layton buries his face into his hands and whispers everything Logan says. “We’re sorry for when we are bad, we will be better!” 


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