In the beginning.Β 

We are starting an In the beginning lesson about creation at home. Each “day” will be broken into two nights. The first night we read the verses from the Bible, talk about it, and then have a coloring page for it. The second night we will talk about what we learned the night before and have another coloring page. I found the coloring sheet here along with lesson plans and other crafts. There are so many things you can do with your kids for crafts but right now coloring pages are my best friend. Just print them out and the boys have a project, they love to color so it’s a hit at our house. The second nights coloring page is just a number that will be decorated with what happens that day of creation. For example the number one will be colored with light (sunshines, light bulbs, whatever they want to use to represent light) this can be colored, you can use stickers, or have them cut decorations from colored construction paper and glue it to the number. (Cut a sunshine shape from yellow paper). On our fridge we are making a 7 days of creation collage where we will hang each page in order to represent what God did that day. Here you can find the second night coloring number. 

Also this week, I finally found the Bible my grandmother gave me when I was six years old & passed it down to Logan. 



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