Dracula boys & boo baskets πŸ‘»

Mondays are pretty lazy around our house even on holidays. So me and the babies spent most of our yesterday waiting on Logan to get home and staying in our Halloween pjs (even when we made a quick trip to publix πŸ‘») then playing a little dress up. However, needing  my dining room table back did finally make me get up and finish cleaning it off from the kitchen redo. 

This year I put together a little boo basket for the boys filled with Halloween themed goodies from Target’s $1.00 shelves and had spooky foods to go along with the festivities. 

I had planned on letting the boys make mummy costumes with a ripped up bed sheet but then I found Dracula capes for .50 πŸ‘ŒπŸ» so we had 3 little mini Dracs with neon teeth playing tractors in the living room.  Well actually one wore the teeth, one threw them down, and the other chewed on them πŸ˜‰
We had monster meatball subs for dinner and made homemade vampire donuts. I let the boys decorate the entryway with paper bats and spiderwebs. Once everyone had full tummys we got ready to make our rounds to all of the grandma’s houses. They really had a good time, this year wasn’t such a rush like normal, I knew we probably were not going into town so we took our time going in and visiting and that honestly felt so nice. Most holidays we are leaving as we are coming trying to hurry and check everyone off of our list. Their basket was a hit, Logan was stoked about all 3 of them being vamps and the donuts were delicious. Here are a few pics of our night. 

πŸ‘»he was really asleepπŸŽƒ

Hope you guys all had a happy & safe Halloween, it’s officially November, and the countdown to Christmas is on. (Thanksgiving who?) πŸ˜‰


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