It’s beginning 

to look a lot like Christmas 🎅🏻 We have finally gotten that cold & dreary winter rain. After a very dry last few months we are welcoming it here. This past Friday night Cliff and I attended our first holiday party of the season. Sometimes it just feels so nice to dress fancy and drink wine from a real glass made of glass, mamas I know you feel me. ❤️ this red dress (Jville locals) I got it from SWANK 

and can I get a ROLL👊🏻TIDE. SEC champs

Sunday we celebrated Logan’s little football teams undefeated season and their championship at the bowling alley with his teammates. 

After the party we hurried to Cliff’s grandparent’s church where Logan and Layton participated in a Christmas play. Logan was a shepherd and Layton was a sheep, his only job was to walk and stay with Logan 🙄 that was the only thing he did not do. 

And since I haven’t made a post in awhile (just so lazy 🙈) here’s a quick catch up. 

The baby is now 10M old with 5 completely through teeth and two mare about to pop through at anytime. He’s seriously the sweetest, chunkiest, happiest little dude ever. He has started taking steps, so far the most he has taken is about 7 but he gets more comfortable and better balance every few days. Layton is nothing less than a little firecracker and this dude has an unbelievable vocabulary. You really never know what he will say, he’s hilarious, he hears and repeats everything, he is so smart and seems so much bigger than two. I swear I need to start a weekly post with nothing but quotes from this kid. Logan is 7 going on 17. Apparently this is the age that the huffing and puffing and eye rolling stage happens. (I’m beginning to understand why the good lord didn’t bless us with a girl, he knew what he was doing, right now Logan has enough sass to make up for it) but he’s still my kid and I have to love him 😂 that’s a joke you guys. No matter what he’s still my first dude, he still loves to have his mama hold him to sleep, and he really loves his little bros. him and Layton play really well together, most of the time. That 5 year age gap makes picking a little too easy. 

We got our tree up over Thanksgiving week. Right now and probably the next few years we have a small tree on top of a table in attempts to keep kids from crawling in it, pulling it over, and grabbing ornaments. Everyone does a pretty good job staying out of it but everyone loves making the bottom of the table a hang out. We do have a live tree and I love it. It’s worth “the mess” everyone warns you about (ps. it’s really not that bad) There is something so traditional about a live tree, and it just smells like Christmas, I don’t ever want another artificial, I love having live trees. ornaments: majority are from Kohls, a few from Walmart and Lowes, and the little felt birds are from Target last year. •Wanna know a huge $ saving tip for xmas decor? My favorite store,dirt cheap, most things there are from Target and they are automatically 50% off • 

Hope you all have been having an awesome start to your holidays. I’m doing my best to make it as special for our boys as I can. A lot of times days just slip by and we don’t even move our countdown, I have started planning and prepping and having everything ready and set aside for at least 1-2 days a week for a “special” night. Wether it be making decor, baking cookies, or cuddling on the couch for a movie. The simplest things to us can really mean so much to them. 


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