update β€’

Lord help me πŸ˜† sorry guys it’s been so long since I posted on the boys but it has been nothing less than absolute chaos lately. When I sit down and think about getting a post written someone usually screams bloody murder. (literally) But ya know what, it’s a new year – new me πŸ˜‚ hah. but for real, I do hope to keep my blog posts a little more current this year.

I don’t even know where to start to catch y’all up. I guess the month of December ? Cliff went hunting out of town a few times this season so it’s been mostly mom on the home front. The kids are lunatics and my house is a mess, or as the cute little saying goes, my kids are making memories. December came rolling in with a bang. Apparently most of Logan’s friends were born that month because we literally had 3 birthday parties in one weekend.The Tuesday after that weekend (second week of the month) Logan had to stay out of school sick and within a day both babies were sick as well. Turned out Logan had strep and the two littles had RSV. Logan and Landry got well quick but poor little Layton carried it on into the next week. Finally after two doctor visits they were able to give him steroids to help out. He ended up having to miss our Christmas at Cliff’s grandparents house because of still being contagious ☹️ That Sunday Logan had an accident that led us to the ER. We were at a Christmas party when Mr.Independent tried to open a box with a knife. He cut towards himself instead of away and cut his wrist. There are no words for the feeling that hit me. (heart stopped) Out of all of the commotion I heard a very scared and quiet whisper ‘Mom.’ I knew immediately what had happened. I look. It’s deep. Like through his wrist deep. It’s barely bleeding so I kept telling myself that’s good. It was a very tiny incision but it was so deep that I didn’t know if he may need a stitch or two. Plus just because of the location (and me knowing what could have just happened), my heart needed someone else to say “Mom y’all are fine!”

We go on to the ER where he only needed to have it cleaned and glued, which made for a very relieved little boy. But the first words from the doctors mouth were “Mom this could have been devastating, he could not have been any closer.” (me still holding it together) 😩

Mind you, that entire week was one of Cliff’s big hunting trips. My limits were tested. My kids found out just what moms are made of that week. But it doesn’t end there. I was working with buyers all through this time and a few days later while I’m on my way to meet them I was ran off of the road and I hit a trash can. I’m pretty sure the trash can was made of lead because it never moved. However, it crumbled the front of my Acadia and shattered my mirror.

BTW ,driver of the red truck, I am OK. Thank you so much for stopping to check and apologizing πŸ™„ not.

Sometime last month Logan lost both of his front teeth. 1 one night and the other the next night. 

Finally we (I think) have made it to the week of Christmas. It’s all such a big blur, one thing  I do know is that I have never been so ready for a new year. We brought 2017 in with an Alabama win and spending the (kid-free) evening at a friend’s house. That was the first time in a very long time that we stayed out until 2:00am. I am still trying to recoup. Oh, but wait, Landry is cutting back teeth! #norestfortherad 

Here’s to 2017 πŸ₯‚


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