This is why my phone is always close by πŸ’™

I often scroll my photo roll looking at how much the boys have grown and changed and reminence on what was happening in the photo. The majority of our pictures are snapshots of us around the house, just playing and hanging out. I suck when it comes to capturing events and holidays. I try to hurry a picture together in the beginning before we get going because I usually don’t have my phone out while real things are happening. Regardless, even when I do try it’s nothing but grumbles from everyone anyways πŸ™„. I see pictures of the boys playing, or crying (yes, I’m that horrible mom that thinks loud bellowing crys are hilarious and can’t help but take a picture). Pictures of them sleeping, watching tv, coloring, playing outside, bathtimes, our every day lives. The moments where we really see who our babies are and I can scroll my iPhone and watch their personalities form. 

However, I find myself seeing photos from two years ago when Layton was a baby, and I can’t remember him. I’ll try so hard to picture him and it seems impossible without a picture. I’ll watch videos, for instance the first video we have of him laughing, at Logan of course, and I remember it all happening but realize I had forgotten that sweet sound. This happens with all three of my boys. Why? It bothers me to the core. Am I the only mama that can’t remember. I wonder do we just live most days going through the motions and not truly taking in every moment. I’ll hold Landry to me and literally inhale his sweet baby scent, hoping to never forget it. Logan is so grown and has changed so much, I can hardly think of when it was just us and remember what that felt like. 

We stay so busy, even when our calander is empty, so busy with our day-to-day schedules. Always feeling like there isn’t enough time in a day (there isn’t) that we often rush though most days and never really make moments last. Thankfully I take pictures daily, that we can look at. Logan loves to flip through them, him and I will lay in bed laughing at old pictures and videos. If it weren’t for them so many of those days would never be remembered. So many sweet sounds and features that fade with age would rarely come to life again. I have no digital files from Logans birth – age 4 ☹️ due to broken computers & phones. Luckily printing photos was still a thing then and I have photo albums tucked away. In 2014 I started making yearbooks through Shutterfly and hope to keep that going for many years to come. We look at them often and I also love to sit them out at birthday parties for family to look at. My goal for 2017 is to update the album online monthly so I’m not sorting through 1000s of pictures each January πŸ™ˆ

β€’he cut his own hair (4 years old)β€’

β€’we have a weird fettish with boxes πŸ˜‚β€’

β€’he’s a hand holderβ€’β€’scrolling photos has made me realize my kids never wear pants πŸ™ˆβ€’

β€’please never let me forget all of those rolls πŸ™πŸ»β€’


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