Don’t shoot meΒ 

“NO NO NOT ME!!! We here fo Landry!! NOOOO, don’t shoot me, AGHHHHH!” – Layton at the doctors office yesterday. 

Once again we found ourselves in the pediatrician’s office. This go around both littles were given a shot for the Croup and Landry also had an ear infection. This winter has definitely kicked our butt and it isn’t even over yet. My kids, well the two little ones mostly, just can’t seem to stay well. I honestly have no clue how either, I assume Logan probably brings the germs home from school, while he stays perfectly fine the babies catch it all. 

Trips to see the doctor are some of the most dramatic meltdowns I have ever seen as a mom. Remember my update post where we were sick the week before Christmas (like 3 weeks ago πŸ™„). Ok, so that trip Layton is crying “not me” and “I’m ok, I’ll be ok” “We fine, it’ll be ok” just repeating everything I say over and over. Sitting in the chair while we are working on his two brothers, saving him for last. He legit screams “aghhhhh” when the doctor just looks at him. It really is so hilarious, pitiful also, but funny. There was one time I had finally calmed him down and just for laughs the doc patted his head 😩😩 “aghhhhhh” “nooooo” “aghhhhhh”. 

No joke, they hate to see us coming. They know us by name, I can hear it in their voice when they answer the phone. We walk in the door – “Oh crap, not this lady again with those dang kids.” “Ok team here’s the game plan, Nurse A you call their name. Nurse B you get the restraints and the muzzle. Nurse C you turn the tv up in the waiting room so others can’t hear.” “I’ll diagnose real quick while Nurse D you’re getting the paperwork and prescriptions ready. Let’s get in and get them out quick! Ready? Ok, break!” 

This last trip was nothing short of the same. As soon as they called his name, “uh oh, oh no, no, I can’t” we were only weighing him. (The baby straight chill in the stroller, looking at his bro like…. πŸ˜‘) Once we were in the room he backed himself into the corner and pleaded his case of “we are here for Landry, not me” begging them please “don’t shoot me” (he didn’t want a shot) When our nurse sat down he looked at his finger “don’t give me a bad bandaid” he knew the prick was coming!!! 

Thankfully he quickly fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep until after Logan was home from school. The first thing he wanted to do was show Logan his boo boos “Logan I kept telling them to stop now!” while showing him his bottom where he got the shot. ☹️ that was immidately followed by the most pitiful sad face and the biggest most sincere brother hug. He just fell into Logan’s arms 😭 
(he really did keep saying “stop now” while we were holding him down for his shot.)


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