You are already more

aghhhh, I hate the fact that I’m even making a post on this, but for wahater reason I just can not stop going over quotes, statements, opinions in my head. I usually pay 0 attention to the live feeds and posts on whatever is happening around us. Why? Because it sucks. All of it!! Just sucks. I don’t like to feel sad, threatened, confused, mad, or disgusted and those are pretty much the only feelings I have by watching or reading any type of news. I am much happier ignoring it all and living in my little world with all of my boys. But these women are killing it for me. Maybe it’s because they are women, I can relate to that. And it aggravates me that they are finding other things to be so passionate about other than the real beauties of being a woman- a MOTHER & a WIFE. No matter what accomplishments I achieve in my lifetime they will never be greater nor more powering to me than being those two above referenced roles. I mean I can literally grow life πŸ‘ŠπŸ» that’s pretty freaking cool and powerful. As a woman I can take a very broken person and make them whole again by something as simple as a touch. That’s our gift. We are love, we are nurture, we are compassion, we are beautiful, those things make us super-hero powerful. How do so many women today not see that? 

I admire, respect, and am so proud of any of my sisters who set a goal and bust it to achieve it. No matter what that goal is (work, health, wealth) but please do not loose sight of the most important things being a woman entails. What we were made for. Like it or not we were designed to be more delicate. And for good reason. 

fun fact – did you know that only a woman can grow, carry, and birth life? Yes, really! Only us. No matter how much money or fight a man gives he will never be able to do that. So you see, we are not equal. Women can have everything a man has and no matter what we will never be equal, because they physically just never can do things we can do. But are you really fighting for equality? Or are you fighting for power? To be more than a man. Why? I for one am glad I am not a man. Being a woman is already so much more. Being a woman is already so empowering in itself. Every woman is so beautiful, our bodies in themselves have such a story. Our hearts are like no other.

“Men and women are meant to complement one another. Not to be equal or to over-power. The genders are meant to balance each other out.” 

A big problem in the world today is the lack of love. Everything else important and great comes from love so if we do not have love for one another we will never have anything. No respect, no loyalty, no true wealth. And guess what big girl, that love starts with you. We are women, we are mothers, sisters, daughters, we are the love. Exert it! πŸ’•

Another fun fact- You can not demand respect if you do not deserve it. You do not have to earn my respect. You automatically have it for the simple fact that you are a human. But you can loose respect. If you can not carry yourself, dress yourself, or speak in a manner that is appropriate then you can easily loose all respect. Your fight is meaningless to me if you can not properly conduct yourself. And for the love of all women, please remove the tape from your nipples and stop scribbling on yourselves with permanent markers. You are only proving other people’s points, not your own. 

Thanks for reading my ramblings, there are so many other things I have said in my head but at the moment I just can not get them out. My two littles are fighting over a puzzle so duty calls πŸ˜‰ (like what I did there)




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