February 3, 2016

I can not believe that we are a almost week away from our third little babe being one year old. I say that about each boy on each birthday but this time I really can not believe a year has already gone by, heck I still can’t believe we have three boys πŸ˜‚

Each pregnancy was different, they got a little more complicated with each one. Logan was text book perfect with nothing but a big round belly. Layton was pretty good also, just had a few issues of him attempting to come a little early and a few blood pressure re-checks. But Landry, he pretty much announced his positive test with a boom. Not long after finding out we were pregnant we started having small bleeding issues. Turned out – placenta previa, which can be very normal early on, but precautions have to be taken. It finally corrected itself a little after 30 weeks. Every doctor appointment seemed like it ended with him sending me to the hospital to be monitored, the last few weeks he had me back in twice a week rechecking blood pressure, swelling, etc thinking preeclampsia. I had an uneasy feeling most of his pregnancy πŸ˜• the weekend before we were scheduled to go in he started moving a lot and really big moves. Most of the time that’s a great feeling, but I didn’t like it. That wasn’t normal for him. I stayed really worried about his cord and for good reason. 

We finally made it through those last few days and were in the hospital. After a few hours I call for the epidural, my water broke during. That was the first time I had experienced that, and I’m so glad I got to. With all three boys I have been induced and the first two the doctor broke it. But with Landry it broke as I was sitting up and being prepped for the ep. 

Everything (all night) was progressing quick and great but once he got so far it stopped. He never would completely drop. They would check and say “he’s almost there” but then he’d pull back up. Right before noon they decide we’re probably close enough to start pushing, so they call my doctor and get a few things ready. Shortly after we do start pushing and I notice multiple things but none of it actually “clicked” for me to think something isn’t right. For example so many nurses kept coming in to help and I thought “wow how nice of them, coming to give a helping hand, thinking they just didn’t have anything else going on so why not. Now looking back I do remember our nurse leaning up and pressing the call button on my bed but at the time didn’t think much about it. I remember Cliff pretty much just standing there, not really involved as much as he was with Layton’s birth. But there was a student in there learning and helping and she was where Cliff would have normally been so I just thought maybe he’s not asking her to move so he just doesn’t know what to do or where to stand. The mirror that you can have below to watch the birth πŸ˜– was pretty close, I didn’t notice it until I saw a nurse realize it was there and she moved it out of the way. Still, nothing major, more of a thanks ma’am I really didn’t want that there kind of thing. They gave me oxygen. Again, I had no idea there was an actual reason, I just thought they were giving it to me to help me out πŸ™ˆ. We did not push very long but I don’t remember the exact time, I do remember thinking that I wasn’t pushing good enough and maybe that’s why they were giving me oxygen. 

Remember how I said I stayed a little paranoid about his cord. Well turned out it was wrapped around his neck. Thankfully it never got tight until I started pushing. The harder and further I pushed the tighter it got. I never had a clue any of this while delivering, and I am glad that I didn’t. Our team did an awesome job of doing what needed to be done and not once acting nervous or scared. After he was laid on my chest he whimpered a little and made some small noises but it wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted him to scream and I started praying please just cry more, please cry more (still having no idea what had just happened) Real quick the doctor gave Cliff the scissors and hurried him through cutting the cord and then they took him and started working on him. By that time I could feel the urgency coming from everyone in the room. My doctor kept reassuring me “he’s fine mama, he’s ok.” Well that confirmed to me that something is going on. I found out later that evening why Cliff seemed so distracted and not really into it. He seen our baby boys face and head black and blue. He seen the force our doctor was using to hurry and and get him out while keeping his fingers between Landry’s neck and cord. Cliff had so many emotions running through his head and thinking what am I going to say to her, how do I tell her? πŸ˜£

But here we are one year later with a blessing meant to be here from God. A little chunky, always laughing, dada loving baby boy. I never talk (or think) about his birth because it is still very emotional, knowing the could haves that could have happened. 

He is our beautiful, God sent, miracle πŸ™πŸ»



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