farmhouse cabinets diy

Sometimes I wonder if there will ever be a day that I don’t have some sort of ridiculously huge project going on! We have started the reno on the farmhouse since we will be moving in it pretty soon. We will live there until our house is built and move in ready. Projected move in date β€’ October. 

I have been taking every spare minute I have and going over there to do any work that I can. So far I have the bottom half of a bedroom painted πŸ˜‚ and updated an old brass ceiling fan with a little black spray paint and a new globe. I tackled the kitchen cabinets yesterday and let me just say if I ever think about redoing cabinets ever again someone please, slap me!! Cliff is in the middle of getting everything ready for us to lay the new flooring throughout. And at some point I have got to finish painting the bedrooms 😩 

The boys have already fell in love with this place. They love going to “help” me work, we’ll take breaks and sit in the backyard while they climb trees and run in the field. Which is why I can’t finish painting.  

So these cabinets! Kind of in love with them now but it was definitely a process I hope to never endure again. Thinking about diying your own cabinets?

Step 1: remove doors, drawers, and hardware (duh)

Step 2: sand 😩 I gave everything a pretty good sanding to get the top layer off just enough that new paint will stick. Be sure to wipe away all dust afterwards. 

Step 3: Prime! I recently purchased a paint sprayer and I swear I’ll never go back! I sprayed all of the doors but hand painted the bases. Set up the drawers to protect the inside and sides and sprayed the fronts. 

Step 4: sand again πŸ™„ lightly sand after the first coat of primer. They sell sanding blocks at the appropriate grit that even tells you “for in between coats” so look for that one. Wipe away dust again. 

Step 5: paint. At this point I also spray painted the gold hardware black. 

Finally after anxiously waiting for the next day I got to go back and put it all back together. It’s actually a pretty simple project, it’s just a big labor of love, it is very time consuming and unfortunately it’s one of those diys that you can’t stop once you start it. You have to go all the way through with it. 

β€’Tipβ€’ don’t attempt with 3 kids!!!

We still need to finish those (walnut) countertops and grout the tile in the kitchen & bath. PAINT, lay flooring, and a few small projects I have, one being these cool fire place covers and a laundry hookup. I have complete faith in us that we can get it all done in the next two weeks, sort of. 😢

Before & in process bedroom πŸ“·any takers on finishing painting for me?!?