renovations complete

Well, almost. 

After so many weeks of needing to get down to the farmhouse and knowing we’ll be moving in soon, we finally kicked it in high gear this week. Sunday we had someone over there painting the bedrooms for us πŸ™ŒπŸ». Monday a guy came to finish the tile work that had already been started and Tuesday we had carpet laid in the beds and baseboards installed. I’m currently cleaning and moving a few small things but we should be actually moving everything (hopefully) this weekend. If nothing else changes we’ll be closing on our house this coming week so we really don’t have a choice but to get moving. 

We have a few finishing touches happening Monday along with getting a washer and dryer hookup inside. The current one is in a little block building outside 😳 I truly love old homes but mama ain’t about that life! 

Costco flooringΒ 

So y’all know how I said I was going to be doing frequent blog posts of the house? Well finally after like a month we have something I can make a post about. FLOORS!! We have been so busy that we just really haven’t been able to get anything done but finally yesterday we had the laminate installed. The floor is Harmonics flooring from Costco. Each box covers a little over 20 sq ft. and it is beautiful. This color is called Camden Oak. 

Y’all, I still do not have the bedrooms painted 😩 Hopefully sometime over next week we will have someone out there to just do it for us. Once that’s done we can finish floors in the bedrooms and hopefully finish up a few smaller projects enough to move in. We’ll see!