Welcome to ‘behind the blue door’ blog! I’m Kasey.


I am a twenty-something momma to Logan, Layton, and Landry. Their daddy is my best friend, my heart, my rock, and by far the sexiest man I have ever laid eyes on.

We live in a sweet little country town in Alabama. I guess you could say we are your typical southern family: porch swings, mason jars, sec football, coffee & sweet tea. Cliff and I married in 2008 and quickly started our little family. For awhile we were a family of three with just Logan. When Logan was about five years old we decided to have another baby, Layton. Shortly after his arrival we were surprised blessed with another positive test. We welcomed our third little this past Feburary.

I have always had an interest in having a blog just to have a place to keep up with our lives and memories as well as a place to throw all of my diys and photos. With the decision made for me to become a stay at home mom blogging was kind of a no brainer. I mean doesn’t that come along with the title of SAHM. Becoming a mom of three surely there will be at least one relatable post here for you. I hope you enjoy!!

meet my boys


This is Cliff. he’s the daddy. the husband. the business owner. the operator. the hunter. the fisherman. the outdoorsman. the contractor. the handyman. the hero. the role model.

This is Logan Wade. he’s the kid. the second-grader. the joy. the chaos. the blessing. the wild. the ball player. the energy. the dirt digger. the animal lover. the bike rider. the handfull. the headache. the mommy kisser. the heart melter. the cartoon watcher. the pallet maker. the fort builder. the big brother.

This is Layton Thomas. he’s the middle. the love. the sweetness. the never a dull moment. the toy lover. the giggler. the light sleeper. the innocent. the patience. the bath-time lover. the other mommy kisser and heart melter.

And this is Landry Reid. he’s the littlest. the baby. the chunkiness. the sweetest. the cheeks. the softest. the homebody. the miracle.


One thought on “about

  1. My beautiful daughter where do I begin….I’m so proud of the woman uv become.. & the best mom to my beautiful grand boys… & they r certainly GRAND!! I love u so much😘❤


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