renovations complete

Well, almost. 

After so many weeks of needing to get down to the farmhouse and knowing we’ll be moving in soon, we finally kicked it in high gear this week. Sunday we had someone over there painting the bedrooms for us πŸ™ŒπŸ». Monday a guy came to finish the tile work that had already been started and Tuesday we had carpet laid in the beds and baseboards installed. I’m currently cleaning and moving a few small things but we should be actually moving everything (hopefully) this weekend. If nothing else changes we’ll be closing on our house this coming week so we really don’t have a choice but to get moving. 

We have a few finishing touches happening Monday along with getting a washer and dryer hookup inside. The current one is in a little block building outside 😳 I truly love old homes but mama ain’t about that life! 

Costco flooringΒ 

So y’all know how I said I was going to be doing frequent blog posts of the house? Well finally after like a month we have something I can make a post about. FLOORS!! We have been so busy that we just really haven’t been able to get anything done but finally yesterday we had the laminate installed. The floor is Harmonics flooring from Costco. Each box covers a little over 20 sq ft. and it is beautiful. This color is called Camden Oak. 

Y’all, I still do not have the bedrooms painted 😩 Hopefully sometime over next week we will have someone out there to just do it for us. Once that’s done we can finish floors in the bedrooms and hopefully finish up a few smaller projects enough to move in. We’ll see! 

farmhouse cabinets diy

Sometimes I wonder if there will ever be a day that I don’t have some sort of ridiculously huge project going on! We have started the reno on the farmhouse since we will be moving in it pretty soon. We will live there until our house is built and move in ready. Projected move in date β€’ October. 

I have been taking every spare minute I have and going over there to do any work that I can. So far I have the bottom half of a bedroom painted πŸ˜‚ and updated an old brass ceiling fan with a little black spray paint and a new globe. I tackled the kitchen cabinets yesterday and let me just say if I ever think about redoing cabinets ever again someone please, slap me!! Cliff is in the middle of getting everything ready for us to lay the new flooring throughout. And at some point I have got to finish painting the bedrooms 😩 

The boys have already fell in love with this place. They love going to “help” me work, we’ll take breaks and sit in the backyard while they climb trees and run in the field. Which is why I can’t finish painting.  

So these cabinets! Kind of in love with them now but it was definitely a process I hope to never endure again. Thinking about diying your own cabinets?

Step 1: remove doors, drawers, and hardware (duh)

Step 2: sand 😩 I gave everything a pretty good sanding to get the top layer off just enough that new paint will stick. Be sure to wipe away all dust afterwards. 

Step 3: Prime! I recently purchased a paint sprayer and I swear I’ll never go back! I sprayed all of the doors but hand painted the bases. Set up the drawers to protect the inside and sides and sprayed the fronts. 

Step 4: sand again πŸ™„ lightly sand after the first coat of primer. They sell sanding blocks at the appropriate grit that even tells you “for in between coats” so look for that one. Wipe away dust again. 

Step 5: paint. At this point I also spray painted the gold hardware black. 

Finally after anxiously waiting for the next day I got to go back and put it all back together. It’s actually a pretty simple project, it’s just a big labor of love, it is very time consuming and unfortunately it’s one of those diys that you can’t stop once you start it. You have to go all the way through with it. 

β€’Tipβ€’ don’t attempt with 3 kids!!!

We still need to finish those (walnut) countertops and grout the tile in the kitchen & bath. PAINT, lay flooring, and a few small projects I have, one being these cool fire place covers and a laundry hookup. I have complete faith in us that we can get it all done in the next two weeks, sort of. 😢

Before & in process bedroom πŸ“·any takers on finishing painting for me?!? 

oh sweet farmhouse πŸ 

All the heart eyes 😍 

Most of you seen my FB post that we are finally land owners πŸ™ŒπŸ» and on that property is the sweetest little farmhouse that’s approximately 150+ years old. Oh, my soul! You guys it’s so precious. Talking with the seller’s we learned that that home has seen many generations of the same family, multiple actually being born in the home. It’s just everything that makes my heart skip a beat. When I opened the front door for the first time I was not expecting to be wow’d as much as I was. But those 10′ ceilings and great foyer!!! The rooms are much bigger than I had expected and the bathroom has exposed roof beams! Here are a few pics I snapped real quick. 

And also since we have so freaking much happening I am going to try and start keeping it posted in the blog as a journal for all of the new house happenings. 

February 3, 2016

I can not believe that we are a almost week away from our third little babe being one year old. I say that about each boy on each birthday but this time I really can not believe a year has already gone by, heck I still can’t believe we have three boys πŸ˜‚

Each pregnancy was different, they got a little more complicated with each one. Logan was text book perfect with nothing but a big round belly. Layton was pretty good also, just had a few issues of him attempting to come a little early and a few blood pressure re-checks. But Landry, he pretty much announced his positive test with a boom. Not long after finding out we were pregnant we started having small bleeding issues. Turned out – placenta previa, which can be very normal early on, but precautions have to be taken. It finally corrected itself a little after 30 weeks. Every doctor appointment seemed like it ended with him sending me to the hospital to be monitored, the last few weeks he had me back in twice a week rechecking blood pressure, swelling, etc thinking preeclampsia. I had an uneasy feeling most of his pregnancy πŸ˜• the weekend before we were scheduled to go in he started moving a lot and really big moves. Most of the time that’s a great feeling, but I didn’t like it. That wasn’t normal for him. I stayed really worried about his cord and for good reason. 

We finally made it through those last few days and were in the hospital. After a few hours I call for the epidural, my water broke during. That was the first time I had experienced that, and I’m so glad I got to. With all three boys I have been induced and the first two the doctor broke it. But with Landry it broke as I was sitting up and being prepped for the ep. 

Everything (all night) was progressing quick and great but once he got so far it stopped. He never would completely drop. They would check and say “he’s almost there” but then he’d pull back up. Right before noon they decide we’re probably close enough to start pushing, so they call my doctor and get a few things ready. Shortly after we do start pushing and I notice multiple things but none of it actually “clicked” for me to think something isn’t right. For example so many nurses kept coming in to help and I thought “wow how nice of them, coming to give a helping hand, thinking they just didn’t have anything else going on so why not. Now looking back I do remember our nurse leaning up and pressing the call button on my bed but at the time didn’t think much about it. I remember Cliff pretty much just standing there, not really involved as much as he was with Layton’s birth. But there was a student in there learning and helping and she was where Cliff would have normally been so I just thought maybe he’s not asking her to move so he just doesn’t know what to do or where to stand. The mirror that you can have below to watch the birth πŸ˜– was pretty close, I didn’t notice it until I saw a nurse realize it was there and she moved it out of the way. Still, nothing major, more of a thanks ma’am I really didn’t want that there kind of thing. They gave me oxygen. Again, I had no idea there was an actual reason, I just thought they were giving it to me to help me out πŸ™ˆ. We did not push very long but I don’t remember the exact time, I do remember thinking that I wasn’t pushing good enough and maybe that’s why they were giving me oxygen. 

Remember how I said I stayed a little paranoid about his cord. Well turned out it was wrapped around his neck. Thankfully it never got tight until I started pushing. The harder and further I pushed the tighter it got. I never had a clue any of this while delivering, and I am glad that I didn’t. Our team did an awesome job of doing what needed to be done and not once acting nervous or scared. After he was laid on my chest he whimpered a little and made some small noises but it wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted him to scream and I started praying please just cry more, please cry more (still having no idea what had just happened) Real quick the doctor gave Cliff the scissors and hurried him through cutting the cord and then they took him and started working on him. By that time I could feel the urgency coming from everyone in the room. My doctor kept reassuring me “he’s fine mama, he’s ok.” Well that confirmed to me that something is going on. I found out later that evening why Cliff seemed so distracted and not really into it. He seen our baby boys face and head black and blue. He seen the force our doctor was using to hurry and and get him out while keeping his fingers between Landry’s neck and cord. Cliff had so many emotions running through his head and thinking what am I going to say to her, how do I tell her? πŸ˜£

But here we are one year later with a blessing meant to be here from God. A little chunky, always laughing, dada loving baby boy. I never talk (or think) about his birth because it is still very emotional, knowing the could haves that could have happened. 

He is our beautiful, God sent, miracle πŸ™πŸ»


You are already more

aghhhh, I hate the fact that I’m even making a post on this, but for wahater reason I just can not stop going over quotes, statements, opinions in my head. I usually pay 0 attention to the live feeds and posts on whatever is happening around us. Why? Because it sucks. All of it!! Just sucks. I don’t like to feel sad, threatened, confused, mad, or disgusted and those are pretty much the only feelings I have by watching or reading any type of news. I am much happier ignoring it all and living in my little world with all of my boys. But these women are killing it for me. Maybe it’s because they are women, I can relate to that. And it aggravates me that they are finding other things to be so passionate about other than the real beauties of being a woman- a MOTHER & a WIFE. No matter what accomplishments I achieve in my lifetime they will never be greater nor more powering to me than being those two above referenced roles. I mean I can literally grow life πŸ‘ŠπŸ» that’s pretty freaking cool and powerful. As a woman I can take a very broken person and make them whole again by something as simple as a touch. That’s our gift. We are love, we are nurture, we are compassion, we are beautiful, those things make us super-hero powerful. How do so many women today not see that? 

I admire, respect, and am so proud of any of my sisters who set a goal and bust it to achieve it. No matter what that goal is (work, health, wealth) but please do not loose sight of the most important things being a woman entails. What we were made for. Like it or not we were designed to be more delicate. And for good reason. 

fun fact – did you know that only a woman can grow, carry, and birth life? Yes, really! Only us. No matter how much money or fight a man gives he will never be able to do that. So you see, we are not equal. Women can have everything a man has and no matter what we will never be equal, because they physically just never can do things we can do. But are you really fighting for equality? Or are you fighting for power? To be more than a man. Why? I for one am glad I am not a man. Being a woman is already so much more. Being a woman is already so empowering in itself. Every woman is so beautiful, our bodies in themselves have such a story. Our hearts are like no other.

“Men and women are meant to complement one another. Not to be equal or to over-power. The genders are meant to balance each other out.” 

A big problem in the world today is the lack of love. Everything else important and great comes from love so if we do not have love for one another we will never have anything. No respect, no loyalty, no true wealth. And guess what big girl, that love starts with you. We are women, we are mothers, sisters, daughters, we are the love. Exert it! πŸ’•

Another fun fact- You can not demand respect if you do not deserve it. You do not have to earn my respect. You automatically have it for the simple fact that you are a human. But you can loose respect. If you can not carry yourself, dress yourself, or speak in a manner that is appropriate then you can easily loose all respect. Your fight is meaningless to me if you can not properly conduct yourself. And for the love of all women, please remove the tape from your nipples and stop scribbling on yourselves with permanent markers. You are only proving other people’s points, not your own. 

Thanks for reading my ramblings, there are so many other things I have said in my head but at the moment I just can not get them out. My two littles are fighting over a puzzle so duty calls πŸ˜‰ (like what I did there)



Don’t shoot meΒ 

“NO NO NOT ME!!! We here fo Landry!! NOOOO, don’t shoot me, AGHHHHH!” – Layton at the doctors office yesterday. 

Once again we found ourselves in the pediatrician’s office. This go around both littles were given a shot for the Croup and Landry also had an ear infection. This winter has definitely kicked our butt and it isn’t even over yet. My kids, well the two little ones mostly, just can’t seem to stay well. I honestly have no clue how either, I assume Logan probably brings the germs home from school, while he stays perfectly fine the babies catch it all. 

Trips to see the doctor are some of the most dramatic meltdowns I have ever seen as a mom. Remember my update post where we were sick the week before Christmas (like 3 weeks ago πŸ™„). Ok, so that trip Layton is crying “not me” and “I’m ok, I’ll be ok” “We fine, it’ll be ok” just repeating everything I say over and over. Sitting in the chair while we are working on his two brothers, saving him for last. He legit screams “aghhhhh” when the doctor just looks at him. It really is so hilarious, pitiful also, but funny. There was one time I had finally calmed him down and just for laughs the doc patted his head 😩😩 “aghhhhhh” “nooooo” “aghhhhhh”. 

No joke, they hate to see us coming. They know us by name, I can hear it in their voice when they answer the phone. We walk in the door – “Oh crap, not this lady again with those dang kids.” “Ok team here’s the game plan, Nurse A you call their name. Nurse B you get the restraints and the muzzle. Nurse C you turn the tv up in the waiting room so others can’t hear.” “I’ll diagnose real quick while Nurse D you’re getting the paperwork and prescriptions ready. Let’s get in and get them out quick! Ready? Ok, break!” 

This last trip was nothing short of the same. As soon as they called his name, “uh oh, oh no, no, I can’t” we were only weighing him. (The baby straight chill in the stroller, looking at his bro like…. πŸ˜‘) Once we were in the room he backed himself into the corner and pleaded his case of “we are here for Landry, not me” begging them please “don’t shoot me” (he didn’t want a shot) When our nurse sat down he looked at his finger “don’t give me a bad bandaid” he knew the prick was coming!!! 

Thankfully he quickly fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep until after Logan was home from school. The first thing he wanted to do was show Logan his boo boos “Logan I kept telling them to stop now!” while showing him his bottom where he got the shot. ☹️ that was immidately followed by the most pitiful sad face and the biggest most sincere brother hug. He just fell into Logan’s arms 😭 
(he really did keep saying “stop now” while we were holding him down for his shot.)